Sunday, May 22, 2011

Asian Store In Norway!

Today a friend of mine went to an Asian Store and she told me that it is a very nice store. Big and most stuff are from Philippines. I really wanted to visit that place one day. Hoping to do so! She bought many things since it is not that near from where she live.

So I am looking forward to visit that also. I used to visit a store near in school but it is not a complete one. I want to check out more things that I missed from P.I. Another thing is that I want to see that place also.

Remember that Filipina are addict into shopping, one more thing I want to find where I can buy rugs. My sister needed and me also. So the possibility is to buy online or to really search on the mall. But as a computer addict I am currently surfing online for an option!

Asian store wait me over! See you... LOL!

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