Monday, May 23, 2011

Trustworthy Antivirus Software

I just realized and understand how important to have a reliable and trustworthy antivirus software after I was hit by different Trojan virus about two months ago. I was devastated because I have no idea if how big the damage is to my computer or if I would be able to remove the virus by myself without hiring a computer tech guy. I was ecstatic after a friend from my place of work told me to visit which offers antivirus software for FREE; yes folks you read it right a FREE antivirus. I immediately downloaded it to my computer and boom virus gone within a few hours.

On the other hand, PC Tools dot com not only offer antivirus software but they also provide or offers products such as Robo Form Pro, Good sync pro, browser defender software, simple backup utility software and more. If you are interested to try any of their products please bear in mind that you have a 30 days money back guarantee so why not try it today!

Home Theater Compact Speaker

While visiting my friend this past weekend I have notice that she owned a new set of home theater speaker system which they place it in their entertainment room. It looks really amazing and I wish I could purchase one like that in the future.

Mind you, my dear hubby and I love to watch a lot of movies at home especially now that we are having a break from school and all we are focusing right now is work. While searching some interesting website today, I happen to have come across this website called Boston Acoustics dot com which offers a wide variety of products such as tabletop products for radios and iPods, speakers, floor standing speakers, home theater speakers, bookshelf speaker, mobile audio products and much more.

Plus Boston Acoustics Company had been serving their customers since 1979 with only the finest and high end quality products for everyone to enjoy. Don’t wait visit the link above for complete info about their products!

I Was Tagged!

Today, got a smile when my dearest friend Ate Fe... make a video of my favorite song! Back when I was still in P.I , me and her used to sing in karaoke and they all know that *NO ARMS CAN EVER HOLD YOU* is my favorite one!

For your ref. you can check this link in youtube. (

Here is the proof of my friend singing also. So sorry I cannot find youtube link itself so just cut down the picture and here she is. This is from my facebook! Thanks ate FE.... you are a certified singer! Love your voice!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Newest Loss Supplement

Right now weight loss is still one of the most talked about topics because many of us want to lose weight for our health. One of the newest weight loss supplements is of course the African mango which now can be found in a pill form to help you with your weight loss needs. So find out how the african mango can help you with your weight loss needs, you will be glad you did.

When You Needed It Most!

Are you one of the many people who have found themselves short on funds when you need it the most? Well the good news is that you can get a payday advance loan so that you can have the money you need when you need it most. So why not look into getting a payday advance loan, you will be glad that you did.

Asian Store In Norway!

Today a friend of mine went to an Asian Store and she told me that it is a very nice store. Big and most stuff are from Philippines. I really wanted to visit that place one day. Hoping to do so! She bought many things since it is not that near from where she live.

So I am looking forward to visit that also. I used to visit a store near in school but it is not a complete one. I want to check out more things that I missed from P.I. Another thing is that I want to see that place also.

Remember that Filipina are addict into shopping, one more thing I want to find where I can buy rugs. My sister needed and me also. So the possibility is to buy online or to really search on the mall. But as a computer addict I am currently surfing online for an option!

Asian store wait me over! See you... LOL!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Famous Cigar Where Are You?

Famous cigar is just around the corner. If you are a smoker and looking for new and famous cigar that you can try on , so then visit the nearest Online place for cigars lovers. I am not into smoking this time.

I still did not try either. I learned from my school mates about cigar. They bring different kinds of cigar everyday and going out to smoking area during break time.
I cannot imagine myself to be a smoker. Well, out of curiosity I checked that site also and there I found cute designs of cigarettes. Pricing are not that bad, I mean people can buy it anytime they want , specially those who wants to discover new famous one. So smokers you found the right place where to hang out online.

I Gained One Pound!

Folks , today I weigh myself and you know what? I gained 1 pound , I am happy LOL! My aim is to really gain 6 kilo. That is quite much but I want too. Most of my friends do not agree with my plan, they all said I have good and enough figure but I want to really gain a bit. Well, everybody has different plans in life. I have opposite plan mostly.

Well, I know and I am aware that mostly women and men want to loss weight. If that is what you are looking for , don't worry I can give you the best site where you can be inform by all proper supplement that can help you out from that worries. Overweight is not really good. I just hope also that I will bot get exceed of what I aimed for.

By the way, is for those who wants to lose weight. So if you are reading this post and you need to be sexier just direct your browser right there and then! See what will happen!

Catch By My Mobile!

Walking down to my work. One afternoon I met this bird up in the post line. I was so amazed, grabbed immediately my mobile phone and took a picture. If you can see he was on the top! So nice, I love this picture. I love my own. LOL!

Anyway, during that time he was so noisy together with one more bird there. Actually I am not the only one who stopped and look at them. Some people were so amazed as well. Well, if you can noticed this pole is quite high!

Photographed by me originally!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Need Extra Job ? Check It Now!

If you happen to reside in the beautiful state of Virginia and is looking for a trusted company to take care of cleaning your household or any properties in Virginia then you have come to the right place online. Did you know that Maid to Please dot net offers a wide variety of services which includes bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bedroom and more. Plus Maid to Please dot net has been providing reliable services to the people of the state of Virginia since 1991 and according to their testimonial their repeat customers and new clients totally loved what they provide. The best thing about hiring people to clean your house is that it will be less stressful for the owner like you to handle things especially if you are a busy person who is always on the go.

Maid to Please dot net also hires the well-trained and skilled worker to do their work and to make sure that everything is covered to make sure that everything passes your expectation. What more can you ask for? Hire maid service Reston VA today by visiting their Maid to Please dot net and don’t forget to read their wonderful testimonial and see it for yourself.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boost The Signal On Your Mobile Phone!

I remember so well when I had my short vacation way back to my province in P.I. I am aware that signal for cell phones are weak specially in the place where my parents are. We have the antenna but it is not enough. So, I always have hard communication every time I go for a visit.

Actually , I am complaining before because it seems like unfair. Others have the great signal but for my parents they always have bad one. So, since I am here now in Norway and I want to communicate with them all the time. I want them to have strong and clear mobile signal.

Thanks to my source at, I got great idea to check about wireless cell booster. This is really the solution. I read along reviews about this gadget and it seems so powerful. This could be a great help for my parents. So I am still digging more about this one.

So if somebody here needs cell booster hurry check out the gadget that can help!


Blessing comes along the way in time indeed! I am happy for today, as I received an email confirmation from one firm that I am really hoping for a respond. After a month of follow-ups then finally today got her email.

I just hope that I can really get through and push this matter! I consider it as a blessing as it is hard to send information if you cannot have reply. So , finally got it! I will wait for her next email.

Thanks for all the blessings....

The Estate Planning!

My friend and her husband is planning to buy a new house. She is always complaining in their existing condominium. It is a bit far from school, markets, hospitals etc. Last Sunday they went out and check. Today she told me that they found one that she likes and hopefully they can transfer after three months. I am hoping also.

Aside from transferring she is also considering to deal more about insurances. She needs to know on how insurance will be. Since me and her are chatting at this moment exactly, I told her to check estate planning. She can get informative and complete details for different kinds of insurance. I urge her to check from different views for her reference.

So she is so thankful for the page that I recommended. So hopefully she will get to know more insurance and safety for her future!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loans for Women who has a Bad Credit

If you are woman who has a bad credit score then you are living a nightmare when you apply for a bank loan. You will definitely not get approved to any bank you will apply. But you have to thank our generation of today. We have different types of Loans for Women that can easily cater to your financial needs.

Millions of people you see everyday have either a bad credit score or none at all. If you wonder for yourself, if you belong to one of the millions, will ever get a loan? Lending companies are now a diversified to cater to everyone different financial needs. They are always available online and open 24/7.

If you think that having a bad credit score will never get you a loan till you have settled your previous debt, think again. Most of the companies that offers this type of loans will never check your credit history.

But you must know, that the amount of loan will not be as high as a normal loan gives and allows. They have had high interest rate if you incur one. This is only just a word of caution for a first timer.

But don’t be dismissed or discourage with the interest rates of this type of loans, applying for a short term loan is only for emergency situations. You really need to balance out the demand of your financial burden to how well you can pay your loan. Of course, we are only using this money we borrowed to help us out in our time of money clinch and not add to our financial problem.

The World Of Blogging!

Blogging is very well-known now. Ways to express and to meet friends along. Most of all to get some earnings if you are a lucky blogger. Most of the time it is not easy to maintain and make huge traffic. Sometime others don't reciprocate your visit to their page. Sometimes I myslef cannot get back to visitors too. LOL!

Above all I enjoy blogging. I learn a lot about different updates in the world and in fact I have now 10 blogs hahaha... Thanks for all sponsors and I still have 3 domains reserved waiting for the one who will start blogging soon.

So blog and be happy! Lol... Meet addicted bloggers around the globe.

Solution For A Bad Credit Record: Payday Loans No Credit Check

People who work for a living are in a real trouble when it comes to their credit scores. It is really hard to balance out your finances if you are living from pay check to pay check. They have trouble when in time of financial crisis they are lost to where they can the funds to supply and close out their debts. Good thing that in this generation we have a payday loans no credit check that can easily be availed.

The lending company that offers this kind of services can easily approve your loans. All you need to qualify is that you have a steady job and you have minimum wage, you have a bank account and you are 18 and above years of age. This service will definitely help you greatly in times of financial crisis. Since the approval is fast and quick. They don’t check your credit history either you have a bad record or don’t have one.

But you must and always ask questions before applying for this type of loans. Clear your own doubts if you want to push thru with your loan application. Never submit any application if you have still questions and fear. The company will always answer your question whenever you have one.

So when you are in need of quick cash and funding for your immediate daily needs. Don’t hesitate to look for this type of lending service. They give quick cash and in your bank account with 24 hours and they are open 24/7.