Thursday, April 28, 2011

She Finally Found Her Luck Online!

After two years got a chance to chat with my high school mate. She is now in Dubai. She works in Manila years before but after I got married did have time to communicate her. Aside from that she is also busy that time with her family and boy friend. So just today, she added me in facebook and there she told me that she now in Dubai and finally she is employed after waiting for months.

She is lucky that through online she got a job that will bring her to Dubai. She is a management graduate and tried her luck to find management jobs at Luckily she found one that is suitable for her there.

She submitted her resume and one day she got an answer. She told me that online application is true based on her experienced. So soon she will be getting married. Hope for the best for her. She and her boyfriend are far from each other at the moment but I know everything will be ok.

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