Friday, April 29, 2011

Great Snack Attack!!!

I love eating. I love to gain weight as I always mentioned! I love to check what is new in store specially food matters. I am obsessed with foods. LOL! Talking for food makes me more hungry. In school today each one of us are told to share a recipe for food that we love most. It was fantastic topic specially for me who loves eating. Everybody shared!

Thinking of all what they shared today about food, I got the chance to hit and find out more about I immediately take time to check out their offers. Holy goodness I cannot resist. They all have fantastic offers for snack food in basket or they called it cherry moon farms gift baskets.

This picture I got from their page. Can you resists? This is snack attack. LOL! As in snack attack. Delicious and affordable. Hope I can receive a basket that is full of snack attack. I will surely attack it everyday.

So folks, for more details check out their page. You can buy baskets of gifts for different occasions.

Weekend! Time To Visit!!

I would like to make Fridays as a Visiting day to other bloggers. I missed a lot of visits to my readers and followers. I am busy for the whole week and to those who drop for a visit really needs a return.

So starting today, I made a deal to myself. Make Friday as a visiting day to bloggers. I hope I can really do. I am starting today actually. Hope not only Friday's but more often. Commitment is good but need to have action. LOL!

Anyway to my visitors and droppers thanks a lot for keeping and including my page on your list.

To Gain Or To Loss Weight!

Just because I want to gain weight, I keep surfing around. A never ending and crazy goal is I can gain weight. I really want to gain indeed! In such thing, I ask my online mates for additional information, I gathered information from one person to another and compare it to what I read online too. The thing I always encountered from other friends are opposite to what I want. They all want to loss weight but me I want to gain.

A co-worker of mine also told me that she likes my figure but I said I want more. She is a bit chubby and she also wants to loss weight! What can I do now? They all want to reduce! Still I will do my best to gain.

Surfing around , I did not expect to reach out OxyElite Pro reviews. My attention was suddenly stopped on their page. Imagine that this is a supplement for dieting. I mean, if you want to get loss of your heavy weights then this is one of the possible solution. I read along that choosing that OxyElite Pro is great weight loss tactic! What a solution for my friends and not for me, but in fairness I already keep their site for great reference.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

She Finally Found Her Luck Online!

After two years got a chance to chat with my high school mate. She is now in Dubai. She works in Manila years before but after I got married did have time to communicate her. Aside from that she is also busy that time with her family and boy friend. So just today, she added me in facebook and there she told me that she now in Dubai and finally she is employed after waiting for months.

She is lucky that through online she got a job that will bring her to Dubai. She is a management graduate and tried her luck to find management jobs at Luckily she found one that is suitable for her there.

She submitted her resume and one day she got an answer. She told me that online application is true based on her experienced. So soon she will be getting married. Hope for the best for her. She and her boyfriend are far from each other at the moment but I know everything will be ok.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Three More Blogs In Addition!

So happy to get free domain from my cousin Nita. She has a lot of domains and as she said she cannot maintain it all. So she decided to give it to somebody who wants it. I am one of those lucky person to got three free domains. I am still thinking how to manage it but it is in my account now. So happy to have it. I am so thankful!

For you guys , you can check her updates and she usually gives free stuff. Just one click away and you will know who is this generous blogger that I am referring too! A blogger and a cousin of mine!

Check out her hosting offers also. Great and affordable!

Nita's Random Thoughts
Thomas Hosting

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Most Affordable Cabinet Hardware!

Are you looking for any cabinet hardware? Well, I can help you find the best and affordable hardware. At this is the place where you can find everything about cabinet. Locker, knobs, cabinet hinges, decorative hooks, drawer pull and everything. Name it and you can have it from their page.

A safe place online where you can really rely on and buy what you really need. If you need, then just surf on and click that site. I read along customers feedback and it is so interesting that everybody has positive reviews on their products. So, without any hesitation I bookmarked this page immediately for my future reference. If you need then hit that button now!

Flowers For ME!

So sweet little boy! These flowers is from a 3 year old little boy at work. We were out and playing while he is busy picking up flowers around the play ground. After that he came to me and said * This is for you from me * So sweet indeed! He told me to bring it at home with me. Super cute one.

After 5 minutes he gets back to me and said if he can try to plant those flowers. LOL! I was laughing and he tried planting it on the soil. After that he took it again and said no, this is for you! So I took picture of it and they are so lovely yellow flowers.

Remembrance from a cute little 3 years old. Thanks sweety!

Friday, April 1, 2011

To Get A Basic Looking Rug

I am a bit sleepy tonight but I am still on net surfing and checking out mails. Suddenly I decided to find something online. One of my online friend also told me that she bought a new rug for her grandma. We had great time talking about rugs. Actually I grew up living in a house with hardwood floors and I had always wanted carpet, but my family and I used to have rugs. The great thing about rugs is that they are high quality and usually have elaborate designs which look great and are really quite inviting.

Best of all, having a rug in the home not only looks great but is quite easy to maintain as well since they are easy to clean up. Although there are many types of rugs out there, I think that I want to get a basic looking rug when I am able to have my own home.

Rugs are a great centrepiece for a room. If you're looking for a rug to go in one of your rooms, then check out the Very site at They have a great collection to choose from.