Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sad And Sick!

I am bit sick because of cough! Anyway, one filipina told me that she and her husband will go to the traffic station and will inquire her license! So , I told her that I made to renew my driving license before it expired when I arrived here before! She is too eager to have real license here and good for her. She is more braver than me. She used to drive before so she is an expert! Hope she can find what she want!

Out of nothing, I just read on rv financing offers! Dreaming and wishing for! Well, goodsamrvloans has many offers , I also refer that page to my friend. Her husband got some interest as she said! My friend got a scooter this time and next year the plan is for her to have car for practice before she will get her license for driving! It needs practice!

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  1. :-( oh sorry to hear that sistah. you will be fine