Friday, March 4, 2011

Passing For Language Speaking Exam!

Studying other language is really hard. It is not easy folks. I've been in school for almost 6 months now. Last three weeks ago, I took and exam for writing and speaking Norsk (Norwegian Language). I was so nervous that time and just try my best. My partner in conversation was a woman from Thailand. She has been here in Norway for 5 years and working. There was two sensor and the other one writes and recorded all the questions.

After that speaking exam. I said to my self I cannot really pass because it was so hard and I speak so bad. My grammar is out of way I think. So, I was a bit disappointed after that one. Others was so happy because they all say it was so easy. For me it was too hard.

After two weeks I got the result for the 'speaking' YES! I made it! LOL! Don't know how it happened.

But for the writing, reading and listening (I am not really sure)! But atleast I already passed with speaking. Hmmmm... will see. Pretty soon I can have the results.

Thanks GOD for the wisdom.

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