Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Love For Mom's!

Is Mother's Day coming? Mother's are truly lovable. They are one of a kind in this world. So, it is important to show our love to our mom. I am far with my mom but she knows I love her so much! She sent me SMS from time to time and I can feel she really loves me as well.
One of my friend find the page where all kinds of stuff that is truly meaningful for mother's to have. Mother's Day page online has a lot of gifts and ideas for moms around the world. The right place to go indeed! We must show our love to our dearest mom and will send them little special gift during mother's day!

Party Is Done!

Yes, tiring but fun! Our school fest is done and it was fun and I was nervous because I am part of it! Lots of food and programs. Pictures there and everywhere! Dancing and singing.

It was memorable because that was my first time to joined and participate as well. As of now, a bit exhausted!

I need to park for tonight!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Golfing? What Do You Think!

Do you like playing golf? It is soon summer and for sure I will again encounter golfers around. Lucky that we are near at the golf field. That area is good for walking every afternoon and golfers used to play at the same time. Just a bit careful , that the ball will not hit on you.

Anyway, golfers look so cool and of course their lifestyle is different. They just love to play and have exercise on the field. I asked myself one time, if they really enjoyed it. Crazy question but jus curious because I never tried playing golf yet!

So, if anyone here playing golf and need to find cheap custom golf balls with corporate logo . Immediately hit your ball to They have everything! So hurry up!

Ipod Wishing To Have?

Anyone here has an IPOD? Well, I don't have folks! Luckily I tried to touch the ipod that my mate has. She got it as her birthday gift last week! It is really cool and for me it is really perfect! Imagine touch screen ipod. It has a lot of features and gaming specially! She also downloaded lots of music and it is so relaxing listening from it!

She actually want to buy one for her boyfriend and soon to be husband. She asked me where to buy ipod touch. I just advise her to check online or else go to store. She preferred buying online because she want it to deliver directly to her boyfriend's house. A kind of surprise gift! So sweet couples right? Well, I also recommended her to check it They have everything there also!

Dramatic Anti-Aging Solution!

Have you heard or read about hgh supplements? I always encounter this supplement online. This supplement is ultimately well-known for producing dramatic anti-aging benefits and performance enhancing abilities. This is really good! I still not try this one but based on the reviews and facts that written on their online site it is really tempting.

Remember that it is not easy to find real and safe supplement online. Once you have search for one a lot of offers will came out. For my readers and followers, if it happen that you are looking for this kind of supplement I encourage you to check, read and decide if this really what you need! Better for you to check personally! I can assure you that they have complete information that is totally enough for those who wants to know more about their product!

Culture Festival Next Week!

Yes! you read it right. Next week there will a culture fest in school. Everyone are required to make food and bring it to school. That would be fun for sure. Knowing that students came from different countries in the world, so food will be in different taste as well.

There are programs also and I am looking forward for that day. One of my friend will render a song * To Love You More* by: Celine Dion! So nice for her. Today she gave a try inside our classroom and yes she sang well.

So looking forward for that fest in school! Hope for good weather and good health! Hope my coughing will totally get out from me!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sad And Sick!

I am bit sick because of cough! Anyway, one filipina told me that she and her husband will go to the traffic station and will inquire her license! So , I told her that I made to renew my driving license before it expired when I arrived here before! She is too eager to have real license here and good for her. She is more braver than me. She used to drive before so she is an expert! Hope she can find what she want!

Out of nothing, I just read on rv financing offers! Dreaming and wishing for! Well, goodsamrvloans has many offers , I also refer that page to my friend. Her husband got some interest as she said! My friend got a scooter this time and next year the plan is for her to have car for practice before she will get her license for driving! It needs practice!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Discounted Scrubs!

My sister-in-law works in the medical field, although I am not sure exactly what her job entails, I know that she had to purchase scrubs for her job. She told me that she was looking to purchase more medical scrubs preferably at a cheaper price, and I decided to look to see if there was such a place online since I do most of my shopping online. Well, fortunately, I found a website called Blue Sky Scrubs dot com that has a huge assortment of scrubs at great prices.

At Blue Sky Scrubs dot com you can purchase more than just scrubs, you can purchase jackets, t-shirts, coats, pants, as well as other hospital uniforms. Best of all, they always have discounted scrubs as well as other items that are discounted lower than usual. I just recently told my sister-in-law about all of these great deals that I found at Blue Sky Scrubs dot com and after scanning through the website she told me that she is going to purchase scrubs from there, and if you want to find great deals as well, why not check out what they have to offer.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Any Vacation Plan?

Yes winter season is done! It is now spring folks but still lot of snow and still cold. Hoping for a good weather and summer must come early. People now are busy preparing for vacation and looking for some place to relax and release stress. I myself wants a break , I mean my heart and mind are totally full. Outer Banks rentals is an option! I heard and read this rental opportunities before. One of my friend also told me that they have offers that nobody can beat! Just for the truth, I surf their page tonight and take a look at their rental houses. I love the design and the location indeed! They are near at beach and surroundings looks so greeny and peaceful.

So if you are planning to have vacation check this out!

Passing For Language Speaking Exam!

Studying other language is really hard. It is not easy folks. I've been in school for almost 6 months now. Last three weeks ago, I took and exam for writing and speaking Norsk (Norwegian Language). I was so nervous that time and just try my best. My partner in conversation was a woman from Thailand. She has been here in Norway for 5 years and working. There was two sensor and the other one writes and recorded all the questions.

After that speaking exam. I said to my self I cannot really pass because it was so hard and I speak so bad. My grammar is out of way I think. So, I was a bit disappointed after that one. Others was so happy because they all say it was so easy. For me it was too hard.

After two weeks I got the result for the 'speaking' YES! I made it! LOL! Don't know how it happened.

But for the writing, reading and listening (I am not really sure)! But atleast I already passed with speaking. Hmmmm... will see. Pretty soon I can have the results.

Thanks GOD for the wisdom.