Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Total Make-Over For

Yes, look and read!!! I have now new template. I am so glad and happy for the result and take note I only pay USD 10 for this and see? I love my own. Well, thanks for Grace at She totally made this.

I am totally satisfied! I am currently checking my other page and surely soon will contact her again for another lay-out! Now, I can work with smile on this page. I got free template before and it was not bad at all. Since my starts rocking roll. It got PR2 so time to celebrate and roll the paper. Give this page a blast with a reasonable price and perfect service from Grace.

Some Reasons and Explanations:
Why I choose green shuffle colors at the top: Just because one of my favorite color is GREEN! Nobody can change green minded woman into other colors. Together with my picture in the frame it looks okey I think. Hope my picture doesn't bother with my template. Hope that , it doesn't bother with my visitors especially.

If you guys need make over on your blogs or websites contact Grace and she can handle it all the way! Thanks Grace again! Mabuhay!


  1. Wow! ang ganda ng template mo sis! I super love it!

  2. thanks mga mare.... ganahan sad ko lol...

  3. wow...i like the new look sis..ngayon lang ako nkavisit ulit?