Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tom Tom Gps!

Way back in Philippines I did not experienced using gps. Even in cars no gps needed. I mean gps there is not that required. People just use to ask where to go and not all people has car too. So I am not that familiar with gps until such time that I came here in Norway. Here in Europe gps are common specially if you will travel far away. You can just be with gps and everything will be fine on your trip.

Just for a quick check tonight I found tom tom gps and looks so cool. This is almost the same as what we have here. The importance of gps is for you to have exact way and will serves as your navigation intelligence.

This tom tom gps has :

* 4.3" touch screen display
* Preloaded maps of Canada and U.S.
* Over 7 Million Points of Interest
* Advanced Lane Guidance
* Spoken street names

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