Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gold Coins As My Investment

Have you ever tried to think to buy gold coins? It comes up once in my mind folks. This is because I always read about gold coins are a good investment. This is a good fortune in the future. I mean the value never depreciates. So I keep on reading and searching for more information for this coins.

There are lots of pages online selling gold coins and where you can buy also. I am so eager to find best price and willing to invest one day. I am pretty sure having gold coins in my wallet or putting it in safety box is perfect! Investment that will truly helps in time of needs!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking For Swing Set!

My cousin and her husband love to visit the parks that they have there in Texas, and the last time, her husband told her to get on the swing set at the park so that he could push her. She thought that it was kind of cute for him to push my cousib on the swing set and she had a lot of fun actually, it reminded her of when she was younger. For those of you who are wondering about purchasing your own swing set for your children, but don’t know where to go, I found the perfect place that sells a huge variety of swing sets.

At Swing Sets and they sell wooden swing sets, metal swing sets, plastic swing sets and much more. Best of all they have swing sets that are actually quite affordable and many items also have free shipping as well which just adds to the convenience of purchasing your very own swing set. Lastly, they also have a great return policy just in case you are not satisfied with any of their products. So check out this website today, and prepare for a fun filled summer.

Pinay-Pinoy At Break Time!

Today, I met some filipina during break at school. They are here as a wife also. Same as me we are new here! One pinay is so jolly and we are talking in our own language which is 'Tagalog'. The lunch time seems so short because we talked and laugh too much. Good time listening and talking with them.

One filipina also bring food for all. Imagine we tasted her food and it was so delicious ever. So, good lunch full package.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Having My Own Car!

Anybody here looking for a cheap auto insurance? Two days ago I chatted with one of my best co-worker before and she told me that she is now also an agent for auto insurance. Last year she is so active for Life insurance and now she mixed it with auto insurance. I guess that is a smart move for her. Mixing together is a good combination. She asked me if I already have a car and she can offer cheap auto insurance but unfortunately I don't have a car of my own yet!

So, she explained to me the benefits of having insurance for car. But I told her that maybe I will have to contact her again and ask about much of it when I can get my own wheels.
Anyway thanks dearest friend for introducing best benefits of having car insurance!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Effective Eczema Treatments!

After visiting this website called Eczema Treatments dot org I finally understand how important to learn more eczema treatments before applying into any parts of your body. I have seen this type of skin disease everywhere including one of my classmates last year. She said that learning how to treat her eczema help her feel better and more confident especially when people starts asking about it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Called Me A Hot Mama!

Yesterday, I was so occupied with facebook. I joined a group called 'Bisdak' and it is all about Filipinos. I had fun reading with different topics there. Most members are living abroad like me. They are always talking about food that they missed in their homeland. It is fun to join the trending topics. There was one filipina who shares her success about lossing weight! I mean topics differ in many ways. So from food to dieting and more! This filipina findbest weight loss supplements at She posted how it works to her and now she is enjoying her coca-cola body. She is mother of three children and it looks like she is not married at all! So nice figure mama!

Will Have A Date Tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow I will be having a date with my cousin. She will soon fly back to P.I and finally we decided to meet for the first time. Actually, we decided to meet in Oslo City. She worked there and I live 30 minutes by train from home to Oslo. I am excited to see her again after long years. I think the last time that I saw her was when we we're young and playing together. So hope to have a good time tomorrow with her.

I am also hoping for a good weather! So a date for me and Ane tomorrow!

Taking Up Again Multivitamin!

Last week I bought a pack of multivitamin. I feel like I need to get back taking up vitamins again. I stopped taking up vitamins months ago but just last week I decided to buy and take it again. I always feel tired and feeling not comfortable everyday. I always feel sleepy and no energy. I just hope that this vitamin will be more effective than what I took before. This has also vitamin D that I truly need. Here in Norway it is so seldom that you can have sunlight the whole day so taking up vitamin that contains vitamin D is perfect! This is also recommended by doctors here.

Appetite Suppressants That Works!

Being sexy adds additional beauty points. Men really love to see women who are sexy. But for those who don't have the gift of being sexy , nothing to worry about. The solution is right here my dear readers and followers. If you need to reduce unwanted fats and make it more easier to solve your problems take a look at otc appetite suppressants. This is really effective as what their surveys say so. I am not actually looking for appetite suppressants but for the sake of those who are in trouble and worried so please give time to know more about this product.

Bring It On!

As time goes by many bloggers are getting more crazy and I am one of those called 'addict'. I must admit I am YES! I cannot deny, everyday I need to check and keep my site updated. Before I started with only one blog and after one coming another new one and plus , plus, plus. That is the sign of addiction. Now, so far I have nine blogs and need to maintain them from time to time. Now, despite of my busy posting days and having job online I am always looking for an opportunity how to bring up my website more and more and to be one of those searchable in search engines.

I finally came into hostgator review. A friend of mine recommend their page and need to read more on them. Seems so promising and this could be the way to keep my page competitive with others.

Colder Days!

As time goes by, it is getting colder and colder day by day! Today I am so lucky, I did not go out to play with kids. I was really freezing while walking from the bust station down to my job. So I prayed that kids will go inside the room so that I don't need to go out with them. Luckily, GOD hears my prayer. After my break time , my boss told me not to go out because kids are in. Horrayyy! What a powerful prayer! Thanks.

So, I stayed inside that was really a relief! Everyday I go out with them and play for almost an hour. So not easy for me but I survived. Thanks to GOD.

Anyway, tomorrow will be more colder as the forecast says but it is sunny day. But still cold....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Bed To Sleep On

One of the things that I love the most in my life is that I have a bed to sleep on, and although I am usually busy I really enjoy getting a good night’s rest. Although I have a very basic bed, I am amazed that there are many awesome out there that can adjust electronically, that are super soft, and that are therapeutic as well.

Of course the other good thing about beds is that you can purchase a variety of sheets for them, so that if you have a very soft cushioned bed, the sheets can make it even more comfortable. For all you know, as the picture shown here I want to have like this one!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Camping The Cold Winter Time!

It is getting more colder again. Last week it was snowing a lot and this weekend the temperature gets more higher and higher and colder. One of my best mate in school will be going somewhere for camping. They usually have to go in the mountain no matter if it is really cold or not. So she is now busy in preparation. She actually invited me and of course I cannot for sure stand with too much cold.

I am just new here so I must have to adjust for more. But just a bit curious on what to bring during camping and found this Big Agnes King Solomon Sleeping Bag . This is really nice and cool. I love the color and the price is not that bad. Affordable indeed!

Some of the features are the following:

# Integrated Big Agnes pad sleeve. Never roll off your pad again
# Bag has 2 separate pad sleeves and uses two 20"x72" pads
# Extra 2" of length in the foot box helps accommodate up to 6' 2"
# One zipper on each side allow easy access for both sleepers
# Built in pillow pockets hold a fleece or Big Agnes pillow
# Interior fabric loops for sleeping bag liners
# Cotton storage sack and stuff sack included
and more.....

Tom Tom Gps!

Way back in Philippines I did not experienced using gps. Even in cars no gps needed. I mean gps there is not that required. People just use to ask where to go and not all people has car too. So I am not that familiar with gps until such time that I came here in Norway. Here in Europe gps are common specially if you will travel far away. You can just be with gps and everything will be fine on your trip.

Just for a quick check tonight I found tom tom gps and looks so cool. This is almost the same as what we have here. The importance of gps is for you to have exact way and will serves as your navigation intelligence.

This tom tom gps has :

* 4.3" touch screen display
* Preloaded maps of Canada and U.S.
* Over 7 Million Points of Interest
* Advanced Lane Guidance
* Spoken street names

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Total Make-Over For

Yes, look and read!!! I have now new template. I am so glad and happy for the result and take note I only pay USD 10 for this and see? I love my own. Well, thanks for Grace at She totally made this.

I am totally satisfied! I am currently checking my other page and surely soon will contact her again for another lay-out! Now, I can work with smile on this page. I got free template before and it was not bad at all. Since my starts rocking roll. It got PR2 so time to celebrate and roll the paper. Give this page a blast with a reasonable price and perfect service from Grace.

Some Reasons and Explanations:
Why I choose green shuffle colors at the top: Just because one of my favorite color is GREEN! Nobody can change green minded woman into other colors. Together with my picture in the frame it looks okey I think. Hope my picture doesn't bother with my template. Hope that , it doesn't bother with my visitors especially.

If you guys need make over on your blogs or websites contact Grace and she can handle it all the way! Thanks Grace again! Mabuhay!