Friday, January 28, 2011

My Phone Gets Crazy Again!

Last day my mobile phone did not work for almost an hour. I was so pissed and getting so bad because I need my phone on the next day. After trying many times on opening and scrubbing out my battery and it works back. I am planning to go back to the store where I bought my phone and let them check this again.

That was the second time around that happened. So out of frustration that night I tried to surf online some electronic gadgets and I stumbled buy dot com and they have fabulous electronics stuff like : video card, hard disk and other computer peripherals. But that was not the one I need , I was actually looking for cell phone but no plans to buy just surfing and discovering new technology on electronic world.


  1. maybe your phone needs a new one heheh na hala palit dayon

  2. agoy pagka gwafa man kau sa imong LO dire it! sensya na karon lang ko kabalik dire...ehehhehe!

  3. tnx sis D. guapa ug way!
    @tsang: walay ipalit iasa sad nign daghangg tuplukunon! Bitaw oi sayang tsang pede paman kaau.