Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have You Tried Smoking?

Once and for all it came into my mind to try smoking. LOL! I am really curious about it, in my family only my dad smoke and my two brothers don't smoke at all. I am asking what cigarettes bring to smokers. But who knows one day I will be one of those smokers too. Nobody knows yet! By some reasons I will try one day but not sure yet. Anyway guys, best cigar deals are up and waiting for some viewers. I actually visited their page and they actually have different kinds of cigars for all smokers around the globe. They offer services and deals if you want to. Aside from that FREE ground shipping is one of their highlights.

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  1. i have tried it when i was younger but didn't like it because it gives me a headache

    hoping you can follow and link up if you haven't yet =)
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