Friday, January 28, 2011

My Phone Gets Crazy Again!

Last day my mobile phone did not work for almost an hour. I was so pissed and getting so bad because I need my phone on the next day. After trying many times on opening and scrubbing out my battery and it works back. I am planning to go back to the store where I bought my phone and let them check this again.

That was the second time around that happened. So out of frustration that night I tried to surf online some electronic gadgets and I stumbled buy dot com and they have fabulous electronics stuff like : video card, hard disk and other computer peripherals. But that was not the one I need , I was actually looking for cell phone but no plans to buy just surfing and discovering new technology on electronic world.

The Answer Is Here!

Finding jobs now is not really easy as 1,2,3. You must be able to compete with those educated one. Competition are very high not like the old days. So education is very important. I tried to search online tonight for some merchandiser job offers. This is just because one of my cousin is still in need. She still cannot find job , she is a graduate from a well-known school but out of luck she is still no job until now. So she told me that she is kind of frustrated now but I told her to hold on I can help her to find some solutions online.

Indeed at retailgigs dot com they all have what she needs. This is actually perfect. I got a huge smile when finding their page. So for sure my cousin will be glad for what I found. They have lots of opportunities. Hey calling others too! Visit and know their amazing help!

Make Over Here and Everywhere!

Lastweek I am truly happy that my 3 blogs got PR2 and the rest stay the same. I did not expect it at all. It is a blessing indeed! So , as a prize I am planning to have a makeover for them. They are three so I am looking for someone who can make a proper design or blog template. Hoping for an affordable offer and nice result.

Actually I already contacted one blogger and hope she will reply. I am excited and hope can find one that can truly gives best makeup on my blogs. Calling all who are talented please let me know.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have You Tried Smoking?

Once and for all it came into my mind to try smoking. LOL! I am really curious about it, in my family only my dad smoke and my two brothers don't smoke at all. I am asking what cigarettes bring to smokers. But who knows one day I will be one of those smokers too. Nobody knows yet! By some reasons I will try one day but not sure yet. Anyway guys, best cigar deals are up and waiting for some viewers. I actually visited their page and they actually have different kinds of cigars for all smokers around the globe. They offer services and deals if you want to. Aside from that FREE ground shipping is one of their highlights.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laptops Anyone?

Have you tried checking custom laptops online? I just checked it now through facebook. I log into facebook and saw some links there from one of my friend. I was curious at first and decided to check the page and there you are fabulous laptops are in stored with corresponding affordable prices. They all have electronic gadgets specially on laptops. This is the page that truly gives you complete features of a product and price are visible and in fact they are now giving up discounts. I checked some other stuff there too. Fun and enjoy while reading and comparing different items at the same time.

Ove The Counter Pills That Work

Are you still in doubt and thinking over and over what pills are suitable for your diet? The most common way of loosing weight now is using pills. I have an aunt who used diet pills since last year and she is planning to change that one and buy over the counter diet pills that work and recommended by one of her old friend also. She said that over the counter pills are known as one best pill that works well and effective. Will see what will be the effect for her in the next few weeks . Hope that she can truly find pills that really works. In fairness the current pills that she used has a visible result but she still wanted more. So good luck aunt!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Left Corner is Hurting!

Yekkks... i felt something not good on my left body. *Worried---worried--* I drink much amount of water today! I know this is acting again, but this time I am afraid huh! hope nothing serious. Today, I tried to bend every now and then but still hurting. Well.... I don't know but hope nothing went wrong.

Oppps.... for today I wish everyone to have a good Monday. Happy blogging everyone!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The New Samsung LCD

One of my friend just purchased samsung lcd as her Christmas gift for herself. She has been saving money for that. So before the end of 2010 she really bought it. She is extremely satisfied with that, infact she and her husband want to buy one more for their son. They wanted to have the same lcd for him. So far my friend is totally contented with the performance of their new lcd. I can imagine how happy she is. Everything that you wish for and you can have it in time is extremely good feeling. Feels like you won in some lottery game. LOL! Well, am happy for my friend.

So Sweet Couples To Be

A friend of mine shows their wedding jewelries to be use this coming March. Fabulous and perfect! Their wedding ring is really nice and truly choose by the couples. The wedding couples soon are both excited and happy , finally they will become as one. Before hand my friend did the planning and her husband help her , specially in financial matters.

One of their major concern is to find the Wedding Jewelry where they can purchased real and nice designed jewelries. They found it online and that is where they purchased and ordered their wedding ring and other accessories for the wedding. I would like to congratulate both of them. May you love one another forever!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids That Truly Appreciates

Two days in a row since I get back to my job I received real and true appreciation from kids. They are truly gifts. The first day and today since I started after vacation, they are always commenting and saying good things on me. I am truly happy and I know kids when they say it, it comes from their heart. They never say that they don't mean it. Thanks kiddos.... Indeed, they add a smile on my face.

They always asked me and appreciate small things that I did to them and even if they see something new on me they will say something on it. So for those who have kids , treasure in every moment for them while they are growing up. I cannot comment or say anything more, mine is just an observation based on others.

Have a good day everyone!