Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paramedic Jobs & Training

Paramedic jobs are a few of the mainly challenging, satisfying and varied in the globe. Working as a paramedic is a immense means to change (and revive) people's lives, live in a express paced work environment, and be well compensated for doing so. Unlike many other careers that aid people, paramedics have a high intensity of technical preparation that's recognised worldwide and compensated incredibly vastly.

Paramedic Jobs vary knowingly in pressure levels, shift length, pay, and circumstances depending on which health scheme you are working in, whether you are in a densely populated area, and what sort of tools you have to work with. Operating in isolated areas can signify long shifts and long drives, and frequently you are the only emergency medical personnel who will be able to deal with emergencies for a lengthy period.

A very challenging job that some individuals are still finding hard to find this field. For those who are looking for this kind of job I found online list where is the possible positions of paramedic Jobs are available.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Remember This!

I remember how funny and challenging to make this kind of stuffs during Christmas way back to Philippines.

Before I know how to do this by using bamboo sticks and art paper. I even joined some 'christmas lantern contest before' but I did not win, there were many applicants and all their entries are perfect. So by just browsing tonight found this picture in google. Reminiscing the past.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Which Eyelash Growth Product Is Best?

Every woman dream of beauty. The beauty within. Nowadays, there so much of surgery and enhancement just to look pretty. One of those is to have a perfect long and curve eyelashes. A few years back, females were being contented with false eyelashes and eyelash extensions but these days, they are subsequent to more lasting solutions that yield their eyelashes look more striking. And to many of them, the answer comes in a bottle of eyelash growth products or eyelash conditioner, that they can conveniently obtain in most beauty stores, and even on the web.

Eyelash growth products are in fact all over nowadays for the very few decades. Whereas the initial incarnations of those products contained controlled medicines, the brand new breed of topical, do-it-yourself. Consist of safe and influential components that will not demand a prescription.

English Tack and Apparel - Complete Selection for horse/rider

Horse tack is a name used to tell any of the innumerable riding apparatus and accessories worn by horses in the line of their use as domesticated animals. Saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, english horse tack, martingales, and breastplates are all varieties of horse tack. Equipping a horse is frequently referred to as tacking. So if you are looking one of those equipments then you are in the right path. Check them and get what you want.

Horse tack is incredibly simple to maintain, a friend of mine is an equistrian and she said that having horse tack is smart, as it does not warp and crack like leather-based horse bridles do. A fun means to have a leather saddle and still match your nylon bridle is to get your blanket and reins to match up. This ensemble appears exceptionally striking if completed properly.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas and Birthday Gift For Him

My uncle just celebrated his natal day last December 12. This time I would like to share some tokens to him. He is really a great uncle who help me through. He is the one who encourage me when time goes wrong. So, by this time I would like him to know that he is a gift from GOD.

Giving him this FILA shoes makes me happy! Another good thing for Fila shoes is that they are good in moisture management as the top fiber enables ventilation. Similarly, adidas is an exceptional brand that offers light weight shoes and is equally durable, besides having heavy cushion at the heels to absorb shock as well as to offer proper support of the ground grip, as this is essential for challenging performance.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Real-time GPS tracking Improve efficiency and Save Money!

Real time gps tracking is currently more inexpensive and more universal than ever. This is the means to go hands down, when operating a business with multiple vehicles. Real time gps tracking is the answer to evaluate your field technicians. Confirm mainly direct way to clients location and back to workplace. The merely way to measure field performance consistently is by means of real time gps tracking.

The management information presented will let for candid conversations and evaluations of employees' practice. It is an indispensable device to reward good performance and set high standards for your field technicians. This is a very helpful technology and can be used resourcefully in many different conduct. Aside from what I mentioned above this can be use for tracing your pet, monitoring your associates or finding your way when you are on a mountain trail etc.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Durable and Eco Friendly Compost Bins

By January 2012 my friend will transfer to their new home sweet home! Finally they purchased a house which is nice and affordable! Soon she will be having her second baby soon so the couples decided to find a new home. She showed me picture and indeed perfect! The only thing that she is worried about is the backyard. The lot space is not that big, so she cannot have garden because it is just good for garage! She loves gardening but then no space for that.

Well, aside from that she is also looking for best composter that fits to their cute space outside. It is very important to have a good composter! Keep clean the surrounding and garbage must be in good and safe composter. I am pretty sure she can find one! I told her also to check online. I am looking forward to visit her by January and to see their new home!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Christmas Time

Wow! First of December! I cannot imagine how time flies! Super fast and thankful that GOD provides everything for the whole year 2011! He indeed is alive and a GOD who never sleeps! Thank you GOD for all the blessings small and big!

So now, it is time to plan for gifts giving! It is really good to give and to see others happy and feel that Christmas is around!

You know guys, days ago when I arrived in school and saw a gift packed on my table. I was wondering what was it, then a good friend of mine give a gift to me! She is kind and generous woman. So then an early presents to me has arrived!

Well, well... I am also trying to plan for a budget for my family!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The StudyPoint Advantage

There are children who have a hard time coping up with their lessons in school. Some even find it hard to study and lack good study habits resulting to poor academic performance and even dropping out of school. Thankfully, tutors are readily available to assist children in academic areas where they are weak. StudyPoint is one of the best there is. They are a tutoring company that caters to all subject and with their help, surely your child will slowly excel. StudyPoint’s staff makes all the difference.

StudyPoint also specializes in SAT Test and ACT Test preparation. So if your child is preparing for college, StudyPoint’s personalized one-on-one tutoring can significantly raise your child’s SAT score. It is more advantageous since your child had the undivided attention of the SAT tutor. It is a worthwhile investment and parents will never go wrong as they are insured of a good future with StudyPoint.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top 3 Places in Mexico to Rent Vacation Villas

With some of the finest resorts in the world, Mexico provides vacation villas for trips hard to match anywhere in the world. There are a lot of places to choose from, however, so here are three of the top rental regions in Mexico.
[View of Casa Mariposa, a luxury villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico]

With its luxurious resorts, fantastic golfing, beautiful beaches, and thriving industry, Cabo San Lucas has become one of the most beloved vacation destinations in all of Mexico. Who wants to share a hotel with a hundred other people, though? A luxury villa offers a bit of peace and privacy, as well as enough space to stretch out and relax during even the busiest times of the year. Prime locations also offer quick and easy access to some of the most sought-after delights, including the beach, spas, and other luxurious items for your itinerary that can help you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Somewhat quieter than Cabo San Lucas, Punta Mita is another of Mexico’s exciting locations, and offers high-quality services and entertainments without the crowds that can be found elsewhere in Mexico. For a family looking to avoid getting overwhelmed, or perhaps a couple more interested in each other than touring the city, Punta Mita offers a pleasant alternative at a reasonable price, and its combination of beautiful scenery, expansive beaches, and excellent facilities are enough to satisfy even the harshest critic.

Located on the unspoiled coast between the areas of Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, Costa de Careyes is one of Mexico’s most prized regions. Innovative architecture, a comfortable climate, and a carefully preserved natural habitat have worked in harmony to create a region that is as healthy for the land as it is for the people. Rigorous zoning laws have helped to keep much of the region pristine, allowing for long walks through nature without worry of being interrupted. The unique international community of Costa de Careyes, formed from people who came, fell in love, and decided to stay, has created a unique culture hard to find elsewhere; many Mexico villas cater to guests from around the world, but few have been built in regions formed by a multitude of ideas from the start. The seclusion and little-known delight of this locale helps avoid almost all of the crowds, providing one of Mexico’s most scenic and remarkable areas to those who simply reach out for it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let's Go To Cuba!

I Love the night life, I love to boogie on a Cuban night! Hips swaying in splended moves, laughter echoing the vibrant crowd, the rythm of the music giving a boast to a dying spirit. Havana, the city of dance and music. You name it, chacha, rumba, tango, they dig it! Dancing in the street is a popular scene among the crowd. A city full of life, friendly, warm hearted people always wearing a smile. The hustle and bustle in the city brings a more exciting energy in a country that took Christopher Columbus' breath away.

Amidst the bouncing life in the city is a paradise not far away. Hills, valleys and planes covered with moist emerald green soil, laden with exotic plants and flowers.

The beaches in solid green and blue colored water, layered with exotic marine life. Cuba, in the eyes of Christopher Columbus... an island captured by beauty and poignant!

The Kakadu National Park In Australia

The Kakadu National Park, one of Australia's pride, listed in World Heritage, is a breathtaking place to be, One can never utter the perfect word to describe this amazing nature of GOD. Countless birds dancing in the air, below a cascading waterfalls spilling freely, creating music soothing to the soul. A visit to Australia creates an everlasting memories cheerished beyond the end of time...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

She's Into Baby Modeling

Are you a mom? Do you have kids? One day, I wish I could have one. If given a chance and a blessings from GOD, I wish and I want to have a baby girl. I want to teach her how to be a model. I remember one of my cousin Anniah loves to be like a model. My aunt recently told me that Anniah love to pose and love to be photograph. I can really see in her facebook pictures. She is so adorable little girl and no wonder if one day I can see her in television or a model one. I told my aunt to teach Anniah more and if possible let her go to modeling school.

Aside from that I told my aunt that baby modeling can be very easy if the parents allowed their child to be a model. I mean the support from the parent is very important. I read an articles about baby modeling online tonight. It gives me real impression on how to develop your child to be a future model.

Here she is my cousin Anniah. Our future family model!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marmot Jacket | Wonderful Marmot Jackets

I can’ believe that winter is almost here and I am not yet ready for another cold season this year. Since I am planning to do some snowboarding this year or skiing I will need to purchase a reliable jacket that I can wear while doing these winter activities outside. I am glad that I found a website called which offers wonderful brands of jackets including marmot which is known for their quality of materials and affordable prices. Try this out today!

I Almost Cannot Breath

I have a cold now. My nose is acting so bad, my head is aching. I cannot almost breath. It is so hard to get sick. I want to buy medicine but as long as I can still bear I will not. Medicine is not good for the body. Winter is coming soon , so this is why I am having cold and maybe soon cough. A lot of my mates in school are sick so then now it is my turn.

Tomorrow I will be having module test and tonight I am not feeling well. So hope I can manage.

Looking For Cigar Deals?

If you are looking for ways to save money while indulging your favorite hobby then this is your chance to grab this wonderful daily cigar deals offer today. As of right now, Cigar Monster dot com offers a huge variety of cigar on sales for a limited time for anyone out there who prefer smoking cigars instead of the regular stuff. This website provides a wide selection of famous brands of cigars such as Avo, Al Capone, Cohiba Cigars and many more. Visit their online store today for more info!

Cooking Jobs Available

It is not easy to find a job these days but if you are into cooking then this website is perfect for you. Hospitality Job Site is an online website which provides plenty of Short Order Cook Jobs for anyone out there who are interested to be part of this growing industry today. You can start looking for jobs by states or even by cities just by clicking the provided places in the website today. Don’t wait, act today and start making money today!

Blessings Comes Along The Way

I did not expect any blogging blessings today because it is SUnday. But what a blessing comes a company from UK emailed me and saying that they like my other blog and willing to work with me. So what a blessing. Currently I am asking some of my friends around to help me out how to do their task.

So no matter what blessings comes suddenly by chance and luck!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shopping Time On Black Friday

Well, as everyone probably knows we are now in the awesome month of fall and just one month away from Black Friday. Black Friday of course is the day after Thanksgiving in which nearly every retail store in America has an awesome sale. I am going to plan the next Black Friday ahead of time so that it will be a smooth shopping experience. I highly recommend that you start planning your shopping strategies ahead of time, you will be glad you did.

I Want To Surprise Him!

I plan to get my husband a great gift for Christmas although it can be difficult to shop for him sometimes. Just recently I found a website that has great men's gift ideas that are sure to please. Some of these gifts are great because I never thought of them myself, such as flowers, and the usual, like cologne and ties for example. So why not get that special guy a gift he will really enjoy, both of you will be quite pleased.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Am Looking For Invitation Card For A Baby

Every woman dream to have their own family and have a child. I am one of those, I know one day GOD will bless me with what I am wishing for. Last week I was with a friend who celebrated a baby shower and it was fun and I gave a cute jacket for the coming baby boy. She is expecting to give birth by next month. Chatting with some of the guest while was there gives much fun , all guests are moms with their kids.

One mom is asking me a favor to make an invitation card for her baby who will soon celebrate birthday. I did not promise but I can try I said. I am busy too so don't know if I can find time for making. Baby Invitations are not that hard but need time to design and find the styles. So , for tonight I tried surfing at I can maybe recommend her to order online , she still have enough time to order. They have fabulous style and designs and can be customized too. So this is perfect!

Making Pancit For Dinner

Yes I am making pancit for our dinner today. This is most filipino common food but not in an ordinary day. Most pinoys eat pancit during birthday's and other parties or events. Pancit signifies long life as they said. But for me it signifies something, LOL! Anyway, here is my pancit and it was pretty good.

Well by the way, I am looking forward to go with a pinay friend to make cassava cake. I don't know how to make it but I know how to eat it. Yum... looking forward to taste it again.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roadside Assistance Is The Answer!

In every time we go out in the road and drive our own car we must have to think safety first! Must see to it that the car is working well and don't have any problem. It is hard to be put in chaos and can cause delayed for other vehicles behind.

Make sure to have roadside assistance ready! No matter what will gonna happen with you and your car itself you are confident that there is someone that can run after you and ready to help you out from trouble. For example: you are out of gas, your car needs towing and more. So be ready to have your own roadside assistance!

Looking For Long HDMI Cables?

I was in the electronic store yesterday to find some kind of adaptor for my Sony Dash. I have this gadget lasts year and still not working because I need proper adaptor that can work with the correct voltage. Luckily I found it after roaming around 4 or 5 electronic stores. But I did not buy it yet, I want my partner to check it first. So since I did not yet buy it , a recommendation from a friend to check more online too. She said that I can might gets lower and affordable price. So why not give a try?

I found page at and they are indeed supplying a lot of electronics stuff. From adaptor, mobile phone, cameras, TV's and more. But one more thing I found out that they have long hdmi cables. We need it too, one of our internet cable need replacement. So maybe I can buy all in one in one supplier. So great!

Bye Day Time And Hello Night Time!

Tomorrow will be my last day in school for day time. I will have to change my schedule to night one. I got a new course that is in line with my profession. That course will be in the day time from 9a.m to 3p.m and I don't have time to take my language course after. So I decided to continue it but in night time. I hope I can manage! A bit sad because I will say bye to my teacher and time to face new teacher. Time to say bye for my friend in school and time to say hello for another group of people in other school.

I just pray that GOD will give me strength every day and will provide wisdom on my schooling and other activities all the time! Lucky that GOD knows the desire of my heart. He knows what I really want to be! So help me GOD!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Using ACH Helps A Lot

If you currently own a business that requires you receive payments, I highly recommend that you do so using ACH, or Account Clearing House which includes direct debit transactions. Of course before using ACH it is very important to understand ach rules so that you will be able to do things more effectively.

I really think a key ingredient to having a successful business is to use ACH, so why not give it a try? You will be glad you did.

She Got Her Personalized Name Plaque

I was so happy that I finally talked to one my friends today over the phone. We had talk for over an hour because we had so many things to catch up in such a little time. I haven’t heard from her in such a long time and she had told me she is now wearing her first personalized name plaques from the company where she is working now.

She is very thrilled because she was able to pursue her dream job and that is becoming a counselor in one of the prestigious school where she resides now. I am so happy for her I can’t wait to talk with her again!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Medical Managerial Jobs Related

I have been looking for a job just recently, and I feel that there are many jobs in the medical field besides nursing, and being a doctor, that are great career choices. In particular, there are Medical Office Manager Jobs that pay great, have wonderful schedules, and you also know for yourself that you are helping others. I highly recommend that if you would like a great paying job, why not try to get a job in a medical office, I am sure that you will enjoy it greatly.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

NLE Results 2011

Got a news from a friend that my cousin did not passed the NLE exam. It is sad to know but I know she can make on the second attempt. But one mom that I know is happy because her son passed the exam. I would like to congratulate Necesia Family.

If you have relatives, friends, siblings who took the exams for Nursing just check their names on the list now. Please click here for the official list. This is where I found the names of those succesful examinees.


Friday, August 19, 2011

New Mate In My Language Class

After almost two months of summer vacation, now it is ended. Back to reality , back to schooling! I am glad to get back and learn back to Norskkurs. This is very important to me and now I am really trying to speak little by little but sometimes I feel shy. Hoping for best.

This coming october will be the next test for level 3 we called it 'Norsk Prøve 3'. I already passed the level 2 so I am still thinking for this level 3. This is more harder and more complicated as they said.

For those Filipina who are new here in Norway. We are required to take this course. So, feel free to learn a bit from home it will help a lot when you go to the school. So my aim now is to try taking up level 3, but I am a bit afraid.

Today, I have new mates and they are over qualified in speaking Norsk. It is good that they belong to my class atleast I can learn from them too. Additional plus factor. Right?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Olympus Cameras | Digital Cameras

Anyone here looking for olympus digital camera? I can be able to give you some good points why you should choose olympus. These brand is exclusively premeditated for microscopes and turn out to be indispensable alternatives these days.

Those olympus digital cameras are among the best you can get or buy. As the brand is reputed, they are extensively used by the individuals all by means of the globe. They are attuned with a wide selection of accessories and connection possibilities are varied. They are also made through the similar innovation plus design superiority that has spanned decades and has resulted into numerous notable design awards received by olympus. They, remains the pioneer of optical products, as they originally produced a microscope (and not a camera).

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oppps... Victoria Secret Addict!

Guys, so sorry I did not able to update here for almost a week I am busy checking out my orders from Victoria Secret stuff. Got my first batch the other day , so happy that finally they are in my hand. So for now I am here to give some shots for the stuff I got that includes original Guess bag and wallet!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Christmas Ideas Is Here!

Since the month of August will start tomorrow, I feel that it is time to start brainstorming for new christmas ideas that I can use for the said joyous occasion. Since I have a lot of nephews and nieces and family members it is just right for me to get the perfect Christmas gift for them. Hopefully, I will be able to give whatever their hearts desires. My desire is to give and will not expect anything in return. Maybe it is time to start saving some money also for the budget needed!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Ideal Computer Cabinet In The Future

Anybody here looking for computer cabinets? I have a friend who just got her own cabinet weeks ago. She told me to buy one and start cleaning up my mess on the table. So currently I am checking for! Aside from that they are also designed to keep communication devices such as cell phones, lap top computers, cameras, pda and a lot of other small products that are not allowed during meetings or tours of particular facilities.

Those computer cabinets are essentially made to tend the computer equipment secure and organize the office work with enhanced usability of all computer apparatus. I am now planning to have one! I want to keep our computer and other electronic gadgets in safe area! Hope can save for that ! I need budget!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayers For Norway!

I guess all of you guys knew what had happened here in Norway just few days ago. The bombing and massacre is really very sad! Everybody were shocked! Norwegian are not into this kind of trouble. This country is known as peaceful and never wanted to be in troubled!

Last Friday July 22, marks as the saddest day of all us here! Seeing those young youths ended their lives as quick as 1,2,3. So sad! Watching news and hearing different testimonies from victims makes my heart so sad. Imagine the times when they were in troubled and finding way to escape is extremely hard!

So the only hope is prayer... every nation face different kinds of problems and now Norway is in this situation! Prayers for comfort, deeply support is needed!

God bless Norway! Thanks GOD that we are safe!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Will Surely Send This Time

Christmas is still far from now, but it is better to find something special for that coming season. Christmas Cards are the number one source to let someone knows that they are special and remembered! I remember that last Christmas I did not send any Christmas cards to my family in Philippines.

I felt guilty but I knew that they understand that I am just new here in Norway that time. I don't know much how to or where to buy nice cards for family and friends. So this year I will make sure and I hope that I can send them cards specially to my parents.

Another option for me now is to order online. This is maybe best option that I can do but will see what will be my final plan but for sure I will send them cards.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sad News!

Two days ago I am deeply sad. Around 12.30 noon I opened my facebook and I saw a message from my friend in Philippines. The message was not good at all. She said that one my our dearest friend and I called her ate died.

I cried and I remembered those days that she was still alive. Last year I knew that she had a cancer . Colon cancer and I was so shocked because she was so healthy then. I don't know exactly how it's discovered. She is still single and don't have a family yet.

She is very accomodating, friendly and super nice. She is the bread winner of the family. I felt so sad and until now I am still thinking of her. She was a real friend!

Have a rest with GOD ate Elsa.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Analog TV

Do you still using any analog tv? Well, analog tv is cool and simple for me! This kind of TV is popular. Actually here at home we are using analog TV, there are gadgets that you can just add on in order to make your analog tv functions more and well!

In order for us to watch more channels drive by digital we use some kind of converter and I read online that the only thing you need is to buy Zinwell ZAT 970-A digital to analog TV converter.

So if you are using analog tv and want it to use more, so then get converter and enjoy watching digital channel using your analog one!

Get Insured To Be Secured!

Are you planning to buy any life insurance? Are you lazy of going to some offices to inquire about insurance? No need to do so, by online you can buy life insurance. Having your own insurance makes you more confident and comfortable in your every day life! Insurance plays a big role to each one. We do not know what will happen for tomorrow , so to make sure that everything is in place get life insurance. You and your family can have the benefits afterwards.

To buy life insurance online is very easy and quick! Just visit and there you can get the form where you can fill-up or you can send email to the responsible person if you have more clarifications and question before buying!

Dinner For Tonight!

For tonight grilled pork! Supper yummy ever! My first time to try grilling here in Norway at home! We still have some left over so can be good for tomorrow! I ate a lot... supper!

How To Get Back In Shape Easily!

You can find best weight loss pills online! By reading and checking reviews you can surely find one that will help you get back in shape! Pills are now well-known for all who needed! I mean, this is the easiest way to do but aside from taking up pills you can do daily exercise also. Exercise is always the best, this is the most recommendable way to loss weight or to maintain body figure.

People who are suffering obesity or over weight gets problem! Obviously they are looking for effective weight loss solution, and pills is the most common help! We are all aware that pills are available over the counter or just buying online and no need of prescription from your dietitian. The safest way to check is to research and consult your doctor if it is needed!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stylish & Trendy Party Invitation Cards

I remember before when I was in my high school days I am so addicted collecting stationery. I had different kinds of paper with different style, colors, sizes and looks. I kept those collections until I started working after college. I used those papers for invitation, formal letter and other stuff that I am interested in. Stationery papers or cards makes me feel so beautiful. I mean I really love and I do really mean collecting them.

I ask my friend to send me stationery. I remember I requested once from my cousin in U.S. She sent me once and it was so nice. So today, I recall those memories by looking out Stationery online. Who know's I will collect them again! By those who are looking for , join me and enjoy picking up your likes and get it!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still In Love Into Blackberry!

As time goes by, there are a lots of new mobile phone coming up! New brand , new model , new features, new applications and more! I remember when I was in Philippines, I am so deadly over obsessed with blackberry phone. I tried one time to saved money just for that ambition but still I did not succeed! I was a bit frustrated but after a while I realized that during that time I need more other important thing than buying the blackberry!

As the saying always goes: To dream is free... so keep on dreaming! You know folks, until now I am still in love with blackberry but this is more than before. I want to have blackberry playbook tablet. Should I need to save one more time? Maybe yes , it is needed!

Anyway, tablets pcs are available online. You can buy easily without any hassle. I found a place where you can rely on buying. Just check out at

Monday, June 27, 2011

Meeting New Pinoy's Circle Today!

Today, I started with my one week course which is important for all immigrants here in Norway. That is called *Samfunnsfag*! It covers everything about the country and you itself who is living here! Then this time I took *Tagalog* class, since I am from Philippines so it is a must to take Tagalog if possible. So, I met a new batch of my * kababayan* again! Last February I met some but not many as this batch now.

Actually we had fun during the class... everybody asked a lot of questions about Norway and from then on , I learned a lot and it is very good to listen as well! So tomorrow will be the second day and another thing during lunch I ate with other friends also so sharing food...

The only thing the school is a bit far from where I live but I manage to finished it! So hopefully for tomorrow too!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nikon Rifle Scope

Like many guys out there, one of my friend husband is an avid gun collector and he likes to go hunting when possible. Just recently he purchased a 44 caliber rifle along with a scope mount so all he needs is a scope. With so many options around, he finally decided to look into Nikon rifle scopes since their products have high quality and are affordable.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

To Declare Bankruptcy? Get Some Help!

Are you one of the many people who need to declare bankruptcy? Well if you are in the San Diego, California area and need to declare bankruptcy there is a great place that will help with this. At SD-Bankruptcy dot com they offer many services that can help you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and even Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as well.

San Diego Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a great way to help you clear your debt so that you can be financially stable again. If you are not sure if bankruptcy is right for you, or if you want to find out more about the services offered by San Diego bankruptcy you can just visit their website and find out if you qualify for bankruptcy.

So if you are interested in declaring bankruptcy and are in the San Diego area, why not check out what San Diego bankruptcy has to offer, you will be glad you did.

Remembering My Country!

Today is June 12 a remarkable day in Philippines. This is the day we're Independence day proclaimed by our heroes! So eventhough I am here in Norway still I remember this day! I called up my sister today and she told that there was a parade this afternoon and lot of activities outdoor!

Happy Independence Day To All Filipino's!

Here are some information about Philippine Flag!

Adopted : June 12, 1898

Design : A horizontal bicolor of blue over red, with a white equilateral triangle
at the hoist containing three, 5-pointed gold stars at its vertices, and
an 8-rayed gold sun at its center.

Designed by: Emilio Aguinaldo

Design As above, with the blue and red stripes switched to indicate a state of war.

A Swimming Pool or A Hot Tub ?

My husband and I have been thinking about getting a swimming pool or a hot tub sometime in the near future. We have already begun looking at many different hot tubs so that we will know exactly which one we want to get.

After doing some browsing I found a great place called Elemental where you can choose a hot tub and you can even select from custom hot tub designs that are totally awesome. They have a great looking hot tub design known as Geos which looks incredibly fantastic, in fact they even have a gallery with various photos of this hot tub, and I have to say, it would make a perfect addition to any home.

Best of all, Elemental hot tubs are made in the USA. So if you are looking for a great looking, high quality hot tub, check out what Elemental has to offer, you will be glad you did.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Bride Next Year!

I always remember that the month of June had been synonymous with the word wedding. I don’t know how true this it but as far as I can remember I have a lot of friends in the Philippines and abroad that pick the month of June as their wedding month. Just recently, one of my close friends from school got engaged and is planning to have their wedding next year in June.

According to her, they are not sure about where the wedding will happen but she is thinking of grabbing the las vegas hotel and wedding packages that they offer at Out of curiosity I check the website right away after my friend inform me about her plan of getting married there.

Here’s what I found out after checking this website. I found out that they offer a great venue for anyone out there who wants to have a Las Vegas wedding plus they also offer various selections of restaurants, wonderful hotels and high end amenities. In my opinion, this place is fabulous and I would definitely pick this in the future to renew my wedding vows with my dear hubby! Check this out folks!

School Tour To Denmark?

On June 23 will be the last day in school. It is now decided that all student including the teachers will have a tour. Last year we all went to an island near Oslo. This time I don't know yet where but surely we will have a trip around. Some of my mates actually wants to have a quick tour to Denmark via boat! I am one of those who agreed hahaha... I really want to visit Denmark also. But I am pretty sure not all will agree.

Well, will see where could that tour be! Denmark wait me one day I will be there!

How Much Hair Transplant Cost?

We all know that our physical appearance change as we get older and one of the many changes we may or may not be experiencing right now is hair loss. I can attest to this because I have a friend who is on his early thirties who is experiencing hair thinning or hair loss and he was really disappointed because a lot of people thought that he is older than his age which made him even feel worse about his situation right now.

Well, while visiting some websites today, I feel lucky to have come across this website called which specializes in hair restoration for the men and women across the United States of America and around the globe who is planning to have their hair back. For those of you, who are not familiar with Dr. Pistone let me tell you a brief introduction about him. He is one of the forty surgeons in the entire America who is recognized by the International Alliance Hair Restoration Surgeons for being the best practitioner in this field. He had also done over 8,000 procedures and counting.

Look no further, call them today and ask about how much a Hair transplants cost plus receive a free copy of the hair restoration guide.

Pamper Yourself Whenever You Can

If you and your love ones likes to pamper yourself whenever you can then I would encourage you to get one of those portable hot tub spas which you can find at Dimension One Spas online store. What I love about this website is that they give you a lot of choices whether which type of portable hot tub spas are good for you or should I say would suit your taste and needs.

For instance, you can pick the different portable hot tub spas out of the twenty models that they have so far right now. The type of portable hot tub spas that they are offer are Aquatic Fitness System, Bay Collections, At Home Hot Tubs, Reflections and much more. Plus, if you want more information about their product before deciding whether to purchase it now or in the future; all you have to do is to visit their website and click the links where it says Hot Tubs News Blog. What are you waiting for? Check this out today!

Summer Fest Today!

Soon will be summer vacation in school and soon I will be done for my practice job also. Today at work they celebrate summer fest together with the parents of the kids. They preparead games, food and other entertainment for all. I finished my job at 4 in the afternoon and the fest will start at around 4.30 so I did not attend on it! I know that they will surely have fun, a bit sad because it has some rain showers but hope everything went fine!

Well, anyway I am looking forward for a wedding party soon. This shoes is the one that I will gonna use. Just bought this two weeks ago!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

HGH Releaser Good For Hormones

Are you one of the many people who are trying to get into better shape but are not able to? Well did you know that you can get an hgh releaser to help with your natural growth hormones? These supplements, also known as human growth hormones, are available to use and are safe and natural. So why not check out what these hgh releasers can do for you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trustworthy Antivirus Software

I just realized and understand how important to have a reliable and trustworthy antivirus software after I was hit by different Trojan virus about two months ago. I was devastated because I have no idea if how big the damage is to my computer or if I would be able to remove the virus by myself without hiring a computer tech guy. I was ecstatic after a friend from my place of work told me to visit which offers antivirus software for FREE; yes folks you read it right a FREE antivirus. I immediately downloaded it to my computer and boom virus gone within a few hours.

On the other hand, PC Tools dot com not only offer antivirus software but they also provide or offers products such as Robo Form Pro, Good sync pro, browser defender software, simple backup utility software and more. If you are interested to try any of their products please bear in mind that you have a 30 days money back guarantee so why not try it today!

Home Theater Compact Speaker

While visiting my friend this past weekend I have notice that she owned a new set of home theater speaker system which they place it in their entertainment room. It looks really amazing and I wish I could purchase one like that in the future.

Mind you, my dear hubby and I love to watch a lot of movies at home especially now that we are having a break from school and all we are focusing right now is work. While searching some interesting website today, I happen to have come across this website called Boston Acoustics dot com which offers a wide variety of products such as tabletop products for radios and iPods, speakers, floor standing speakers, home theater speakers, bookshelf speaker, mobile audio products and much more.

Plus Boston Acoustics Company had been serving their customers since 1979 with only the finest and high end quality products for everyone to enjoy. Don’t wait visit the link above for complete info about their products!

I Was Tagged!

Today, got a smile when my dearest friend Ate Fe... make a video of my favorite song! Back when I was still in P.I , me and her used to sing in karaoke and they all know that *NO ARMS CAN EVER HOLD YOU* is my favorite one!

For your ref. you can check this link in youtube. (

Here is the proof of my friend singing also. So sorry I cannot find youtube link itself so just cut down the picture and here she is. This is from my facebook! Thanks ate FE.... you are a certified singer! Love your voice!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Newest Loss Supplement

Right now weight loss is still one of the most talked about topics because many of us want to lose weight for our health. One of the newest weight loss supplements is of course the African mango which now can be found in a pill form to help you with your weight loss needs. So find out how the african mango can help you with your weight loss needs, you will be glad you did.

When You Needed It Most!

Are you one of the many people who have found themselves short on funds when you need it the most? Well the good news is that you can get a payday advance loan so that you can have the money you need when you need it most. So why not look into getting a payday advance loan, you will be glad that you did.

Asian Store In Norway!

Today a friend of mine went to an Asian Store and she told me that it is a very nice store. Big and most stuff are from Philippines. I really wanted to visit that place one day. Hoping to do so! She bought many things since it is not that near from where she live.

So I am looking forward to visit that also. I used to visit a store near in school but it is not a complete one. I want to check out more things that I missed from P.I. Another thing is that I want to see that place also.

Remember that Filipina are addict into shopping, one more thing I want to find where I can buy rugs. My sister needed and me also. So the possibility is to buy online or to really search on the mall. But as a computer addict I am currently surfing online for an option!

Asian store wait me over! See you... LOL!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Famous Cigar Where Are You?

Famous cigar is just around the corner. If you are a smoker and looking for new and famous cigar that you can try on , so then visit the nearest Online place for cigars lovers. I am not into smoking this time.

I still did not try either. I learned from my school mates about cigar. They bring different kinds of cigar everyday and going out to smoking area during break time.
I cannot imagine myself to be a smoker. Well, out of curiosity I checked that site also and there I found cute designs of cigarettes. Pricing are not that bad, I mean people can buy it anytime they want , specially those who wants to discover new famous one. So smokers you found the right place where to hang out online.

I Gained One Pound!

Folks , today I weigh myself and you know what? I gained 1 pound , I am happy LOL! My aim is to really gain 6 kilo. That is quite much but I want too. Most of my friends do not agree with my plan, they all said I have good and enough figure but I want to really gain a bit. Well, everybody has different plans in life. I have opposite plan mostly.

Well, I know and I am aware that mostly women and men want to loss weight. If that is what you are looking for , don't worry I can give you the best site where you can be inform by all proper supplement that can help you out from that worries. Overweight is not really good. I just hope also that I will bot get exceed of what I aimed for.

By the way, is for those who wants to lose weight. So if you are reading this post and you need to be sexier just direct your browser right there and then! See what will happen!

Catch By My Mobile!

Walking down to my work. One afternoon I met this bird up in the post line. I was so amazed, grabbed immediately my mobile phone and took a picture. If you can see he was on the top! So nice, I love this picture. I love my own. LOL!

Anyway, during that time he was so noisy together with one more bird there. Actually I am not the only one who stopped and look at them. Some people were so amazed as well. Well, if you can noticed this pole is quite high!

Photographed by me originally!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Need Extra Job ? Check It Now!

If you happen to reside in the beautiful state of Virginia and is looking for a trusted company to take care of cleaning your household or any properties in Virginia then you have come to the right place online. Did you know that Maid to Please dot net offers a wide variety of services which includes bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bedroom and more. Plus Maid to Please dot net has been providing reliable services to the people of the state of Virginia since 1991 and according to their testimonial their repeat customers and new clients totally loved what they provide. The best thing about hiring people to clean your house is that it will be less stressful for the owner like you to handle things especially if you are a busy person who is always on the go.

Maid to Please dot net also hires the well-trained and skilled worker to do their work and to make sure that everything is covered to make sure that everything passes your expectation. What more can you ask for? Hire maid service Reston VA today by visiting their Maid to Please dot net and don’t forget to read their wonderful testimonial and see it for yourself.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boost The Signal On Your Mobile Phone!

I remember so well when I had my short vacation way back to my province in P.I. I am aware that signal for cell phones are weak specially in the place where my parents are. We have the antenna but it is not enough. So, I always have hard communication every time I go for a visit.

Actually , I am complaining before because it seems like unfair. Others have the great signal but for my parents they always have bad one. So, since I am here now in Norway and I want to communicate with them all the time. I want them to have strong and clear mobile signal.

Thanks to my source at, I got great idea to check about wireless cell booster. This is really the solution. I read along reviews about this gadget and it seems so powerful. This could be a great help for my parents. So I am still digging more about this one.

So if somebody here needs cell booster hurry check out the gadget that can help!


Blessing comes along the way in time indeed! I am happy for today, as I received an email confirmation from one firm that I am really hoping for a respond. After a month of follow-ups then finally today got her email.

I just hope that I can really get through and push this matter! I consider it as a blessing as it is hard to send information if you cannot have reply. So , finally got it! I will wait for her next email.

Thanks for all the blessings....

The Estate Planning!

My friend and her husband is planning to buy a new house. She is always complaining in their existing condominium. It is a bit far from school, markets, hospitals etc. Last Sunday they went out and check. Today she told me that they found one that she likes and hopefully they can transfer after three months. I am hoping also.

Aside from transferring she is also considering to deal more about insurances. She needs to know on how insurance will be. Since me and her are chatting at this moment exactly, I told her to check estate planning. She can get informative and complete details for different kinds of insurance. I urge her to check from different views for her reference.

So she is so thankful for the page that I recommended. So hopefully she will get to know more insurance and safety for her future!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loans for Women who has a Bad Credit

If you are woman who has a bad credit score then you are living a nightmare when you apply for a bank loan. You will definitely not get approved to any bank you will apply. But you have to thank our generation of today. We have different types of Loans for Women that can easily cater to your financial needs.

Millions of people you see everyday have either a bad credit score or none at all. If you wonder for yourself, if you belong to one of the millions, will ever get a loan? Lending companies are now a diversified to cater to everyone different financial needs. They are always available online and open 24/7.

If you think that having a bad credit score will never get you a loan till you have settled your previous debt, think again. Most of the companies that offers this type of loans will never check your credit history.

But you must know, that the amount of loan will not be as high as a normal loan gives and allows. They have had high interest rate if you incur one. This is only just a word of caution for a first timer.

But don’t be dismissed or discourage with the interest rates of this type of loans, applying for a short term loan is only for emergency situations. You really need to balance out the demand of your financial burden to how well you can pay your loan. Of course, we are only using this money we borrowed to help us out in our time of money clinch and not add to our financial problem.

The World Of Blogging!

Blogging is very well-known now. Ways to express and to meet friends along. Most of all to get some earnings if you are a lucky blogger. Most of the time it is not easy to maintain and make huge traffic. Sometime others don't reciprocate your visit to their page. Sometimes I myslef cannot get back to visitors too. LOL!

Above all I enjoy blogging. I learn a lot about different updates in the world and in fact I have now 10 blogs hahaha... Thanks for all sponsors and I still have 3 domains reserved waiting for the one who will start blogging soon.

So blog and be happy! Lol... Meet addicted bloggers around the globe.

Solution For A Bad Credit Record: Payday Loans No Credit Check

People who work for a living are in a real trouble when it comes to their credit scores. It is really hard to balance out your finances if you are living from pay check to pay check. They have trouble when in time of financial crisis they are lost to where they can the funds to supply and close out their debts. Good thing that in this generation we have a payday loans no credit check that can easily be availed.

The lending company that offers this kind of services can easily approve your loans. All you need to qualify is that you have a steady job and you have minimum wage, you have a bank account and you are 18 and above years of age. This service will definitely help you greatly in times of financial crisis. Since the approval is fast and quick. They don’t check your credit history either you have a bad record or don’t have one.

But you must and always ask questions before applying for this type of loans. Clear your own doubts if you want to push thru with your loan application. Never submit any application if you have still questions and fear. The company will always answer your question whenever you have one.

So when you are in need of quick cash and funding for your immediate daily needs. Don’t hesitate to look for this type of lending service. They give quick cash and in your bank account with 24 hours and they are open 24/7.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Great Snack Attack!!!

I love eating. I love to gain weight as I always mentioned! I love to check what is new in store specially food matters. I am obsessed with foods. LOL! Talking for food makes me more hungry. In school today each one of us are told to share a recipe for food that we love most. It was fantastic topic specially for me who loves eating. Everybody shared!

Thinking of all what they shared today about food, I got the chance to hit and find out more about I immediately take time to check out their offers. Holy goodness I cannot resist. They all have fantastic offers for snack food in basket or they called it cherry moon farms gift baskets.

This picture I got from their page. Can you resists? This is snack attack. LOL! As in snack attack. Delicious and affordable. Hope I can receive a basket that is full of snack attack. I will surely attack it everyday.

So folks, for more details check out their page. You can buy baskets of gifts for different occasions.

Weekend! Time To Visit!!

I would like to make Fridays as a Visiting day to other bloggers. I missed a lot of visits to my readers and followers. I am busy for the whole week and to those who drop for a visit really needs a return.

So starting today, I made a deal to myself. Make Friday as a visiting day to bloggers. I hope I can really do. I am starting today actually. Hope not only Friday's but more often. Commitment is good but need to have action. LOL!

Anyway to my visitors and droppers thanks a lot for keeping and including my page on your list.

To Gain Or To Loss Weight!

Just because I want to gain weight, I keep surfing around. A never ending and crazy goal is I can gain weight. I really want to gain indeed! In such thing, I ask my online mates for additional information, I gathered information from one person to another and compare it to what I read online too. The thing I always encountered from other friends are opposite to what I want. They all want to loss weight but me I want to gain.

A co-worker of mine also told me that she likes my figure but I said I want more. She is a bit chubby and she also wants to loss weight! What can I do now? They all want to reduce! Still I will do my best to gain.

Surfing around , I did not expect to reach out OxyElite Pro reviews. My attention was suddenly stopped on their page. Imagine that this is a supplement for dieting. I mean, if you want to get loss of your heavy weights then this is one of the possible solution. I read along that choosing that OxyElite Pro is great weight loss tactic! What a solution for my friends and not for me, but in fairness I already keep their site for great reference.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

She Finally Found Her Luck Online!

After two years got a chance to chat with my high school mate. She is now in Dubai. She works in Manila years before but after I got married did have time to communicate her. Aside from that she is also busy that time with her family and boy friend. So just today, she added me in facebook and there she told me that she now in Dubai and finally she is employed after waiting for months.

She is lucky that through online she got a job that will bring her to Dubai. She is a management graduate and tried her luck to find management jobs at Luckily she found one that is suitable for her there.

She submitted her resume and one day she got an answer. She told me that online application is true based on her experienced. So soon she will be getting married. Hope for the best for her. She and her boyfriend are far from each other at the moment but I know everything will be ok.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Three More Blogs In Addition!

So happy to get free domain from my cousin Nita. She has a lot of domains and as she said she cannot maintain it all. So she decided to give it to somebody who wants it. I am one of those lucky person to got three free domains. I am still thinking how to manage it but it is in my account now. So happy to have it. I am so thankful!

For you guys , you can check her updates and she usually gives free stuff. Just one click away and you will know who is this generous blogger that I am referring too! A blogger and a cousin of mine!

Check out her hosting offers also. Great and affordable!

Nita's Random Thoughts
Thomas Hosting

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Most Affordable Cabinet Hardware!

Are you looking for any cabinet hardware? Well, I can help you find the best and affordable hardware. At this is the place where you can find everything about cabinet. Locker, knobs, cabinet hinges, decorative hooks, drawer pull and everything. Name it and you can have it from their page.

A safe place online where you can really rely on and buy what you really need. If you need, then just surf on and click that site. I read along customers feedback and it is so interesting that everybody has positive reviews on their products. So, without any hesitation I bookmarked this page immediately for my future reference. If you need then hit that button now!

Flowers For ME!

So sweet little boy! These flowers is from a 3 year old little boy at work. We were out and playing while he is busy picking up flowers around the play ground. After that he came to me and said * This is for you from me * So sweet indeed! He told me to bring it at home with me. Super cute one.

After 5 minutes he gets back to me and said if he can try to plant those flowers. LOL! I was laughing and he tried planting it on the soil. After that he took it again and said no, this is for you! So I took picture of it and they are so lovely yellow flowers.

Remembrance from a cute little 3 years old. Thanks sweety!

Friday, April 1, 2011

To Get A Basic Looking Rug

I am a bit sleepy tonight but I am still on net surfing and checking out mails. Suddenly I decided to find something online. One of my online friend also told me that she bought a new rug for her grandma. We had great time talking about rugs. Actually I grew up living in a house with hardwood floors and I had always wanted carpet, but my family and I used to have rugs. The great thing about rugs is that they are high quality and usually have elaborate designs which look great and are really quite inviting.

Best of all, having a rug in the home not only looks great but is quite easy to maintain as well since they are easy to clean up. Although there are many types of rugs out there, I think that I want to get a basic looking rug when I am able to have my own home.

Rugs are a great centrepiece for a room. If you're looking for a rug to go in one of your rooms, then check out the Very site at They have a great collection to choose from.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Love For Mom's!

Is Mother's Day coming? Mother's are truly lovable. They are one of a kind in this world. So, it is important to show our love to our mom. I am far with my mom but she knows I love her so much! She sent me SMS from time to time and I can feel she really loves me as well.
One of my friend find the page where all kinds of stuff that is truly meaningful for mother's to have. Mother's Day page online has a lot of gifts and ideas for moms around the world. The right place to go indeed! We must show our love to our dearest mom and will send them little special gift during mother's day!

Party Is Done!

Yes, tiring but fun! Our school fest is done and it was fun and I was nervous because I am part of it! Lots of food and programs. Pictures there and everywhere! Dancing and singing.

It was memorable because that was my first time to joined and participate as well. As of now, a bit exhausted!

I need to park for tonight!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Golfing? What Do You Think!

Do you like playing golf? It is soon summer and for sure I will again encounter golfers around. Lucky that we are near at the golf field. That area is good for walking every afternoon and golfers used to play at the same time. Just a bit careful , that the ball will not hit on you.

Anyway, golfers look so cool and of course their lifestyle is different. They just love to play and have exercise on the field. I asked myself one time, if they really enjoyed it. Crazy question but jus curious because I never tried playing golf yet!

So, if anyone here playing golf and need to find cheap custom golf balls with corporate logo . Immediately hit your ball to They have everything! So hurry up!

Ipod Wishing To Have?

Anyone here has an IPOD? Well, I don't have folks! Luckily I tried to touch the ipod that my mate has. She got it as her birthday gift last week! It is really cool and for me it is really perfect! Imagine touch screen ipod. It has a lot of features and gaming specially! She also downloaded lots of music and it is so relaxing listening from it!

She actually want to buy one for her boyfriend and soon to be husband. She asked me where to buy ipod touch. I just advise her to check online or else go to store. She preferred buying online because she want it to deliver directly to her boyfriend's house. A kind of surprise gift! So sweet couples right? Well, I also recommended her to check it They have everything there also!

Dramatic Anti-Aging Solution!

Have you heard or read about hgh supplements? I always encounter this supplement online. This supplement is ultimately well-known for producing dramatic anti-aging benefits and performance enhancing abilities. This is really good! I still not try this one but based on the reviews and facts that written on their online site it is really tempting.

Remember that it is not easy to find real and safe supplement online. Once you have search for one a lot of offers will came out. For my readers and followers, if it happen that you are looking for this kind of supplement I encourage you to check, read and decide if this really what you need! Better for you to check personally! I can assure you that they have complete information that is totally enough for those who wants to know more about their product!

Culture Festival Next Week!

Yes! you read it right. Next week there will a culture fest in school. Everyone are required to make food and bring it to school. That would be fun for sure. Knowing that students came from different countries in the world, so food will be in different taste as well.

There are programs also and I am looking forward for that day. One of my friend will render a song * To Love You More* by: Celine Dion! So nice for her. Today she gave a try inside our classroom and yes she sang well.

So looking forward for that fest in school! Hope for good weather and good health! Hope my coughing will totally get out from me!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sad And Sick!

I am bit sick because of cough! Anyway, one filipina told me that she and her husband will go to the traffic station and will inquire her license! So , I told her that I made to renew my driving license before it expired when I arrived here before! She is too eager to have real license here and good for her. She is more braver than me. She used to drive before so she is an expert! Hope she can find what she want!

Out of nothing, I just read on rv financing offers! Dreaming and wishing for! Well, goodsamrvloans has many offers , I also refer that page to my friend. Her husband got some interest as she said! My friend got a scooter this time and next year the plan is for her to have car for practice before she will get her license for driving! It needs practice!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Discounted Scrubs!

My sister-in-law works in the medical field, although I am not sure exactly what her job entails, I know that she had to purchase scrubs for her job. She told me that she was looking to purchase more medical scrubs preferably at a cheaper price, and I decided to look to see if there was such a place online since I do most of my shopping online. Well, fortunately, I found a website called Blue Sky Scrubs dot com that has a huge assortment of scrubs at great prices.

At Blue Sky Scrubs dot com you can purchase more than just scrubs, you can purchase jackets, t-shirts, coats, pants, as well as other hospital uniforms. Best of all, they always have discounted scrubs as well as other items that are discounted lower than usual. I just recently told my sister-in-law about all of these great deals that I found at Blue Sky Scrubs dot com and after scanning through the website she told me that she is going to purchase scrubs from there, and if you want to find great deals as well, why not check out what they have to offer.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Any Vacation Plan?

Yes winter season is done! It is now spring folks but still lot of snow and still cold. Hoping for a good weather and summer must come early. People now are busy preparing for vacation and looking for some place to relax and release stress. I myself wants a break , I mean my heart and mind are totally full. Outer Banks rentals is an option! I heard and read this rental opportunities before. One of my friend also told me that they have offers that nobody can beat! Just for the truth, I surf their page tonight and take a look at their rental houses. I love the design and the location indeed! They are near at beach and surroundings looks so greeny and peaceful.

So if you are planning to have vacation check this out!

Passing For Language Speaking Exam!

Studying other language is really hard. It is not easy folks. I've been in school for almost 6 months now. Last three weeks ago, I took and exam for writing and speaking Norsk (Norwegian Language). I was so nervous that time and just try my best. My partner in conversation was a woman from Thailand. She has been here in Norway for 5 years and working. There was two sensor and the other one writes and recorded all the questions.

After that speaking exam. I said to my self I cannot really pass because it was so hard and I speak so bad. My grammar is out of way I think. So, I was a bit disappointed after that one. Others was so happy because they all say it was so easy. For me it was too hard.

After two weeks I got the result for the 'speaking' YES! I made it! LOL! Don't know how it happened.

But for the writing, reading and listening (I am not really sure)! But atleast I already passed with speaking. Hmmmm... will see. Pretty soon I can have the results.

Thanks GOD for the wisdom.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gold Coins As My Investment

Have you ever tried to think to buy gold coins? It comes up once in my mind folks. This is because I always read about gold coins are a good investment. This is a good fortune in the future. I mean the value never depreciates. So I keep on reading and searching for more information for this coins.

There are lots of pages online selling gold coins and where you can buy also. I am so eager to find best price and willing to invest one day. I am pretty sure having gold coins in my wallet or putting it in safety box is perfect! Investment that will truly helps in time of needs!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking For Swing Set!

My cousin and her husband love to visit the parks that they have there in Texas, and the last time, her husband told her to get on the swing set at the park so that he could push her. She thought that it was kind of cute for him to push my cousib on the swing set and she had a lot of fun actually, it reminded her of when she was younger. For those of you who are wondering about purchasing your own swing set for your children, but don’t know where to go, I found the perfect place that sells a huge variety of swing sets.

At Swing Sets and they sell wooden swing sets, metal swing sets, plastic swing sets and much more. Best of all they have swing sets that are actually quite affordable and many items also have free shipping as well which just adds to the convenience of purchasing your very own swing set. Lastly, they also have a great return policy just in case you are not satisfied with any of their products. So check out this website today, and prepare for a fun filled summer.

Pinay-Pinoy At Break Time!

Today, I met some filipina during break at school. They are here as a wife also. Same as me we are new here! One pinay is so jolly and we are talking in our own language which is 'Tagalog'. The lunch time seems so short because we talked and laugh too much. Good time listening and talking with them.

One filipina also bring food for all. Imagine we tasted her food and it was so delicious ever. So, good lunch full package.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Having My Own Car!

Anybody here looking for a cheap auto insurance? Two days ago I chatted with one of my best co-worker before and she told me that she is now also an agent for auto insurance. Last year she is so active for Life insurance and now she mixed it with auto insurance. I guess that is a smart move for her. Mixing together is a good combination. She asked me if I already have a car and she can offer cheap auto insurance but unfortunately I don't have a car of my own yet!

So, she explained to me the benefits of having insurance for car. But I told her that maybe I will have to contact her again and ask about much of it when I can get my own wheels.
Anyway thanks dearest friend for introducing best benefits of having car insurance!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Effective Eczema Treatments!

After visiting this website called Eczema Treatments dot org I finally understand how important to learn more eczema treatments before applying into any parts of your body. I have seen this type of skin disease everywhere including one of my classmates last year. She said that learning how to treat her eczema help her feel better and more confident especially when people starts asking about it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Called Me A Hot Mama!

Yesterday, I was so occupied with facebook. I joined a group called 'Bisdak' and it is all about Filipinos. I had fun reading with different topics there. Most members are living abroad like me. They are always talking about food that they missed in their homeland. It is fun to join the trending topics. There was one filipina who shares her success about lossing weight! I mean topics differ in many ways. So from food to dieting and more! This filipina findbest weight loss supplements at She posted how it works to her and now she is enjoying her coca-cola body. She is mother of three children and it looks like she is not married at all! So nice figure mama!

Will Have A Date Tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow I will be having a date with my cousin. She will soon fly back to P.I and finally we decided to meet for the first time. Actually, we decided to meet in Oslo City. She worked there and I live 30 minutes by train from home to Oslo. I am excited to see her again after long years. I think the last time that I saw her was when we we're young and playing together. So hope to have a good time tomorrow with her.

I am also hoping for a good weather! So a date for me and Ane tomorrow!

Taking Up Again Multivitamin!

Last week I bought a pack of multivitamin. I feel like I need to get back taking up vitamins again. I stopped taking up vitamins months ago but just last week I decided to buy and take it again. I always feel tired and feeling not comfortable everyday. I always feel sleepy and no energy. I just hope that this vitamin will be more effective than what I took before. This has also vitamin D that I truly need. Here in Norway it is so seldom that you can have sunlight the whole day so taking up vitamin that contains vitamin D is perfect! This is also recommended by doctors here.

Appetite Suppressants That Works!

Being sexy adds additional beauty points. Men really love to see women who are sexy. But for those who don't have the gift of being sexy , nothing to worry about. The solution is right here my dear readers and followers. If you need to reduce unwanted fats and make it more easier to solve your problems take a look at otc appetite suppressants. This is really effective as what their surveys say so. I am not actually looking for appetite suppressants but for the sake of those who are in trouble and worried so please give time to know more about this product.

Bring It On!

As time goes by many bloggers are getting more crazy and I am one of those called 'addict'. I must admit I am YES! I cannot deny, everyday I need to check and keep my site updated. Before I started with only one blog and after one coming another new one and plus , plus, plus. That is the sign of addiction. Now, so far I have nine blogs and need to maintain them from time to time. Now, despite of my busy posting days and having job online I am always looking for an opportunity how to bring up my website more and more and to be one of those searchable in search engines.

I finally came into hostgator review. A friend of mine recommend their page and need to read more on them. Seems so promising and this could be the way to keep my page competitive with others.

Colder Days!

As time goes by, it is getting colder and colder day by day! Today I am so lucky, I did not go out to play with kids. I was really freezing while walking from the bust station down to my job. So I prayed that kids will go inside the room so that I don't need to go out with them. Luckily, GOD hears my prayer. After my break time , my boss told me not to go out because kids are in. Horrayyy! What a powerful prayer! Thanks.

So, I stayed inside that was really a relief! Everyday I go out with them and play for almost an hour. So not easy for me but I survived. Thanks to GOD.

Anyway, tomorrow will be more colder as the forecast says but it is sunny day. But still cold....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Bed To Sleep On

One of the things that I love the most in my life is that I have a bed to sleep on, and although I am usually busy I really enjoy getting a good night’s rest. Although I have a very basic bed, I am amazed that there are many awesome out there that can adjust electronically, that are super soft, and that are therapeutic as well.

Of course the other good thing about beds is that you can purchase a variety of sheets for them, so that if you have a very soft cushioned bed, the sheets can make it even more comfortable. For all you know, as the picture shown here I want to have like this one!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Camping The Cold Winter Time!

It is getting more colder again. Last week it was snowing a lot and this weekend the temperature gets more higher and higher and colder. One of my best mate in school will be going somewhere for camping. They usually have to go in the mountain no matter if it is really cold or not. So she is now busy in preparation. She actually invited me and of course I cannot for sure stand with too much cold.

I am just new here so I must have to adjust for more. But just a bit curious on what to bring during camping and found this Big Agnes King Solomon Sleeping Bag . This is really nice and cool. I love the color and the price is not that bad. Affordable indeed!

Some of the features are the following:

# Integrated Big Agnes pad sleeve. Never roll off your pad again
# Bag has 2 separate pad sleeves and uses two 20"x72" pads
# Extra 2" of length in the foot box helps accommodate up to 6' 2"
# One zipper on each side allow easy access for both sleepers
# Built in pillow pockets hold a fleece or Big Agnes pillow
# Interior fabric loops for sleeping bag liners
# Cotton storage sack and stuff sack included
and more.....

Tom Tom Gps!

Way back in Philippines I did not experienced using gps. Even in cars no gps needed. I mean gps there is not that required. People just use to ask where to go and not all people has car too. So I am not that familiar with gps until such time that I came here in Norway. Here in Europe gps are common specially if you will travel far away. You can just be with gps and everything will be fine on your trip.

Just for a quick check tonight I found tom tom gps and looks so cool. This is almost the same as what we have here. The importance of gps is for you to have exact way and will serves as your navigation intelligence.

This tom tom gps has :

* 4.3" touch screen display
* Preloaded maps of Canada and U.S.
* Over 7 Million Points of Interest
* Advanced Lane Guidance
* Spoken street names

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Total Make-Over For

Yes, look and read!!! I have now new template. I am so glad and happy for the result and take note I only pay USD 10 for this and see? I love my own. Well, thanks for Grace at She totally made this.

I am totally satisfied! I am currently checking my other page and surely soon will contact her again for another lay-out! Now, I can work with smile on this page. I got free template before and it was not bad at all. Since my starts rocking roll. It got PR2 so time to celebrate and roll the paper. Give this page a blast with a reasonable price and perfect service from Grace.

Some Reasons and Explanations:
Why I choose green shuffle colors at the top: Just because one of my favorite color is GREEN! Nobody can change green minded woman into other colors. Together with my picture in the frame it looks okey I think. Hope my picture doesn't bother with my template. Hope that , it doesn't bother with my visitors especially.

If you guys need make over on your blogs or websites contact Grace and she can handle it all the way! Thanks Grace again! Mabuhay!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Phone Gets Crazy Again!

Last day my mobile phone did not work for almost an hour. I was so pissed and getting so bad because I need my phone on the next day. After trying many times on opening and scrubbing out my battery and it works back. I am planning to go back to the store where I bought my phone and let them check this again.

That was the second time around that happened. So out of frustration that night I tried to surf online some electronic gadgets and I stumbled buy dot com and they have fabulous electronics stuff like : video card, hard disk and other computer peripherals. But that was not the one I need , I was actually looking for cell phone but no plans to buy just surfing and discovering new technology on electronic world.

The Answer Is Here!

Finding jobs now is not really easy as 1,2,3. You must be able to compete with those educated one. Competition are very high not like the old days. So education is very important. I tried to search online tonight for some merchandiser job offers. This is just because one of my cousin is still in need. She still cannot find job , she is a graduate from a well-known school but out of luck she is still no job until now. So she told me that she is kind of frustrated now but I told her to hold on I can help her to find some solutions online.

Indeed at retailgigs dot com they all have what she needs. This is actually perfect. I got a huge smile when finding their page. So for sure my cousin will be glad for what I found. They have lots of opportunities. Hey calling others too! Visit and know their amazing help!

Make Over Here and Everywhere!

Lastweek I am truly happy that my 3 blogs got PR2 and the rest stay the same. I did not expect it at all. It is a blessing indeed! So , as a prize I am planning to have a makeover for them. They are three so I am looking for someone who can make a proper design or blog template. Hoping for an affordable offer and nice result.

Actually I already contacted one blogger and hope she will reply. I am excited and hope can find one that can truly gives best makeup on my blogs. Calling all who are talented please let me know.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have You Tried Smoking?

Once and for all it came into my mind to try smoking. LOL! I am really curious about it, in my family only my dad smoke and my two brothers don't smoke at all. I am asking what cigarettes bring to smokers. But who knows one day I will be one of those smokers too. Nobody knows yet! By some reasons I will try one day but not sure yet. Anyway guys, best cigar deals are up and waiting for some viewers. I actually visited their page and they actually have different kinds of cigars for all smokers around the globe. They offer services and deals if you want to. Aside from that FREE ground shipping is one of their highlights.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laptops Anyone?

Have you tried checking custom laptops online? I just checked it now through facebook. I log into facebook and saw some links there from one of my friend. I was curious at first and decided to check the page and there you are fabulous laptops are in stored with corresponding affordable prices. They all have electronic gadgets specially on laptops. This is the page that truly gives you complete features of a product and price are visible and in fact they are now giving up discounts. I checked some other stuff there too. Fun and enjoy while reading and comparing different items at the same time.

Ove The Counter Pills That Work

Are you still in doubt and thinking over and over what pills are suitable for your diet? The most common way of loosing weight now is using pills. I have an aunt who used diet pills since last year and she is planning to change that one and buy over the counter diet pills that work and recommended by one of her old friend also. She said that over the counter pills are known as one best pill that works well and effective. Will see what will be the effect for her in the next few weeks . Hope that she can truly find pills that really works. In fairness the current pills that she used has a visible result but she still wanted more. So good luck aunt!