Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Is More Rampant Now?

Have you tried gurkha cigars? If you do then you can share what is the difference between this cigar to the ordinary one. I am not a smoker yet but then smoking is very rampant. Here in the country where I am in , you cannot buy cigars unless you are 18 years and above. This is to make sure that you are in the right age. This is a good rule right? But still more and younger teens are into smoking for many reasons. Well, if you want to know more about gurkha then just check it on. It is free to check and read more about it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finally I Am Convinced!

Most common work now specially for those who has the problem in finding job is to work at home. You can work online as long as you have a computer and as long as you will have to find time to find for opportunities online. I myself is so blessed that my cousin told me to start online job. My cousin is a mother of two adorable kids and she found out a successful home based business since 2004.

Actually since 2007 if I am not mistaken she started to convince me but I was so lazy then I did not give time and attention to it. So just last year I decided to be active and indeed yes she is really true. I regret why did I ignore her invitation before but it is not yet too late to check and now I am enjoying it. Working at home is effective folks.

Hope To Sleep Longer Tonight

It is almost a week now I slept too short. Maybe just 2 to 3 hours every night. Hope to have a better sleep tonight. My eyes wanted to sleep but my mind is so awake and roaming around , super active. It is mind over eyes. LOL! Sleepness come to me and close my eyes and to my mind stop and have relax at night. Please cooperate! hahah.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Was My Nightmare?

It has been a nightmare that I had skin allergy months ago. I cannot understand why it came to me. The question remains until now. My doctor said that maybe I am just adjusting the weather here and need to check on my clothing also. He suggested that I must have to wear more clothes that are made of cotton. Well, I am just thankful that I am getting well now and trying to forget those days that I suffered.

I remember so well, during my first visit I got a cream but it did not work and on my second visit I change to another one and it works finally. Well, during those days I've been crazy looking for eczema creams to find alternative help for myself. I must learn to forget everything happened!

Hot Online Topic

Anybody here struggling for finding some best solution for body acne? This is not easy problem. Acne is common and many are in need to find the real treatment that will lead back to normal skin and bring back the glows. Going to your dermatologist is one of the solution but some do not have time to visit and have an appointment. Online searching is the easiest way for you to find and read reviews which one is best. I have a friend , she doesn't go out most often she just sit in front of computer and order what she wants. So, finding the right treatment can be through online ordering. Hurry find best!

Friday, November 19, 2010

$25M For Pacman...

Goodness Pacman millioners. This is what I read : Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao has at least another US$25 million coming for battering Mexican Antonio Margarito into submission in Texas last weekend. I cannot imagine how rich he is now. He is so blessed , GOD sees everything on his effore. Hope that he will be more helpful to the rest of his country men. Once again. Congratulation Manny, I am still looking for the whole fight video. I still did not find any online.

If Given A Chance And Time...

If given a chance and time I love to check on Egyptian store again. They have nice and unique stuff. I remember well, I bought a set of earrings their months ago. Their designs are really good and you cannot find any duplicate from other store. When it comes to clothing they also have designed that truly adorable and affordable. Tonight , I stumbled this Egyptian cotton Duvet cover and upon checking this is perfect. They have up to 80% discounts for different items. There will always be a good buy for Egyptian store , from bath towels, pillow covers and other bedding needs.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Does Alli Work?

Have you heard about alli? Alli is an over the counter form of the prescription fat blocker Xenical. The next question is , does alli work? Anyway as I read online the answer is YES. This is used a smaller dosage of the ingredient known as Orlistat, and they sell in drugstores across America. They claim that with serious behavior modification and dedication, you can lose up to 50% more weight with Alli than diet and exercise alone. Very promising indeed! This compete to other pills around. So if you need stronger fast results then try alli. Do your own research also or read the article that I found.

Get Ready For Christmas

Oppss.... Christmas is approaching. Are you prepared? Well, me not yet. I must have to find christmas gift ideas for her and for him. I also need to check good buys and deals because I want it to be perfect to someone who will received the present. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. The more to share the more you can get. Right? Well, I am really looking forward for the coming Christmas here in Norway. I am so glad that finally I can soon celebrate with my family.

Am Back For Good!

This week I am so lazy posting and updating my sites. I feel stiff LOL! I don't have the drive to make a post. So then, tonight I am decided to really have updates here and make sure to check my other pages also. Best of all is to check out my task online. I must have to finish them a bit.

Orlando's Getaway

Orlando is a place where good to spend vacation together with your family. I have a friend there in Orlando also and she said that she finally found the place where she can stay forever. But if it is happen that you will spend a visit or vacation there you can check out orlando car rental for your everyday use. They provide affordable and safe cars for those who are willing and in need of car. Feel as you are riding at your own vehicle. Relax and let their services drive you to the place where it should be.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stay Fit , Sexy and Safe

I read about lipofuze reviews and it seems so promising for those who are looking for weight loose products online. We are all aware that there are many diet pills around. You can buy easily without any prescription from your dietician. But just a piece of advise, it is better to check , read reviews and see to it that it is totally safe and most others consider the affordability of the product. But safety first! Actually I do not need any diet pills but this one is good to share with others. Surely you can get proper information about the product with testimonials from current clients.

Top 10 EC Droppers for October 2010

My pinay rocks! Little by little it gains visitor. I am glad that this page started to be part of the world. LOL! Anyway, thanks droppers.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Sis Ai!!

It's my sis beerday today! Wishing you the best sissy... May the GOOD Lord blessed you everyday. Have a blessed day from all of us here.