Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have a 'KAINIT'

Sorry folks don't have time to find the english word for 'kainit'. It is on my tongue now and it is really painful. I cannot eat and talk properly. But I feel that soon this will gone hopefull cross my 10 fingers. LOL! Many said that lack of vitamin C is the reason but I don't beleive I tried many times taking up vitamin C and eating food that are rich in Vit.C but nothing happened. No effect!!!

Hope will gonna be fine! Hurray career move tonight... Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. heheh.. la, kulang na^ og kaligo^.. hahhaha.. joke.. bitaw mora'g kulang pod og tulog sguro ang usa ka cause.. hope it will be well soon. muahhh! By the way, akoa i-ngalan ana^ sore tongue ky naa mn sa tongue, kung sa mata pa to sore eyes.. hahaha.. joke.. buhat2x lang bitaw na^ la.. heheh.. naa pod sa tomoy sa akong dila, dli nko malitos pod.. :(