Thursday, October 28, 2010

Remembering Matouk Long Time Ago

I am about to stop my online job tonight but my attention was welcome by matouk. I remember my aunt in Washington used to send package in Philippines before and I remember matouk name in one of the linens and clothing box she sent. So, I tried surfing to know more about their products who knows one day I can encounter matouk in malls and then I can relate about it! I love looking and checking out linens.

What ATV Tires Brings?

ATV Tires are known as for durability and good wheels that will last longer than others. We all know that tires are one of the most important parts for the vehicle. So, you must have to put on the best one. They are also affordable and available at Anyway, I can tell one my cousin to check this out. She needs to overhaul her old car and need some new parts and new tires.

The Bell Is Ringing For Regine And Ogie Alcasid

The most awaited Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasquez. Nuptials that will be held at Punta Fuego in Batangas on December 26. The wedding, which will take place on December 22, is described by Galvante as a “wedding inside a concert” due to the participation of some of the country’s biggest singers in the event. This is what I read online today and finally the two well-known TV personality will become a couples before the year ends.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ugg Boots For Winter ?

I just talked to my Chinese mates today, she always have nice shoes everyday and now that cold started here in Norway she advised me that ugg boots are prefect and can stand in cold and snow. She is expert for shoes I can see the way she used everyday. She even told me that she just bought 3 pairs of boots for preparation this coming winter.

Ugg boots are tested and proven by her she used black color today. I also saw some like this in the mall and they are not that expensive. The important is to protect against the cold.

Prada That I Admire

Prada shoes is perfect! It has been well-known branded shoes since before. Prada has been in market long time ago. Most fashionistas love prada but just a bit expensive but really nice. Lasting and durable. How I wish I can have prada also. I surf on their page tonight and I saw nice boots and flat shoes. I've been looking for winter boots this time , so if I can find one in prada why not? Prada is prada. Not only shoes has the prada names also bags and other stuff. Product covers all!


Atlast, I have one pinay classmate! She just came today in the section where I am in. She came from Manila in the province of Bulacan which I really know much the place. She is also married to a Norsk man and now pregnant for her first baby. My other mates told me 'Atlast' you have the same color here and same language .LOL! Atleast now, I can speak tagalog while in class. Before nothing at all. But it also helps a lot just speak Norsk or English.

Anyway, looking forward for new friendship with co-filipina.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Need Energizer

Looking for multivitamin that really works? Anyway, I am checking out multivitamin for my friend. She is currently having some problem with her health. She always feel dizzy and not easy for her because she has kids to look everyday. So, I just hope I can find and recommend to her. Taking up vitamins everyday can help and get body more energy and ready for battle specially if you have kids with you. A mom should be perfect healthy anytime day and night. But for all we need vitamins.

My Brother's Wish !!!

I received an offline message from my brother and he asks me what is those muscle builders do to have the good shape. Asking me? I am not a gym instructor. LOL! He used to go in gym and try to build up some muscles. I think he still do not have that perfect muscles yet, that is why he is asking. But I just told him to read online or ask his gym instructor to find out what is best for his training to build up muscles that he wanted to achieved. Look at this picture my brother in 00 number hoding a ball. He is not totally a masculado man. LOL!

I have a 'KAINIT'

Sorry folks don't have time to find the english word for 'kainit'. It is on my tongue now and it is really painful. I cannot eat and talk properly. But I feel that soon this will gone hopefull cross my 10 fingers. LOL! Many said that lack of vitamin C is the reason but I don't beleive I tried many times taking up vitamin C and eating food that are rich in Vit.C but nothing happened. No effect!!!

Hope will gonna be fine! Hurray career move tonight... Thanks!

Happy I Found You

Online job, making blogs are most common ways to find extra income for those who don't have work or even those who are working that needs more funds. But for me it is not really easy as 1,2,3 you need all effort to maintain your page and keep visitors to come back and read your post. Like me, in the past few days I am a bit busy so I guess my traffic for my sites becomes lower but just glad tonight I found out one solution to improve and help blog sites visibility is to directory submit. Submission into different directories are easy , once it is in there possibility of traffic driving to your page everyday. So thanks!

Where Is My Corner?

Almost every time I drop by to a mall. I cannot resists to stop and look for those cute and nice baby clothes. They are all lovely and perfect. I guess this is just normal for me , what do you think? Sometimes also I can find my clothes size at the baby section LOL! Funny but that is very true, I am thin and no shape at all. Sometimes I get exact size that fits me in there. So, then baby clothes is one of my corner in mall.

It Is Election Time Again! Sorry Papzikel!!!

It is soon election time in Philippines for local election voting only. Barangays and SK election. Goodluck to all candidates. My dad will supposedly be one of those but just knew today that he did not pursue for his filing because he feels no support from his kids. I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough! Sorry papzikel!

Hope to have a clean and peaceful election. Have a great day everyone. Again so sorry for the disappointment I made. I tried..... hola.... moolah... not enough! Echuz...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Bothers You Most !

The common problem now a days is somehow about acne. Teens and adults has it , some are hereditary and some are with the environment and for the food we intake everyday. All foods now are not totally healthy so it results for acne or other skin problems. Right? Acne is more visible at our back and in face , really disgusting if it is on face. I admit I had some in my face and more in my back so, I am one of those who are looking for acne products that will really works. I spent much money on this matter before but still not getting well at all. It has some improvements but not totally faded. So, still hoping to have the right treatment.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Desperate For Getting In Shape?

What a day friends! Good weather yet cold, I was home a bit early and had a bit nap. Then me and my hubby went for a short walk. Good day indeed! Then after dinner time to be online all the way, I read along weight loss pills that work and seems so interesting reviews and testimonials from customer. Eventhough I am not in need of diet pills but for those who are looking for , I can recommend you to take a look of what I found tonight. Indeed , you will be surprise and amazed! Many are desperate to find the real weight loss pills so this is now the time!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh! GoSh Goodies...First Giveaway!

Yes! Yes! Yohhh! Finally I am joining. Sorry tsang for the long entry. LOL! Now here I am. Anyway, join and win cash or gift check. I prefer cash because I am here in North Pole , no ways to deliver the product. So cash for me. LOL.

Visit this page to join. Go go hit the button!

For CSN this store is very well-known and I got so much of blessings from them too. You know if I have to choose products for me I'd go for this one below. Very nice for kikay use!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Go For Greener Shopping

I want to try green shopping online. Have anybody tried already? I want to shop eco-friendly products. I read along that shopping online consumes less energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 35 percent compared to shopping at traditional retail stores. So this is very good way to help our environment. I want to try at They also have the same items and much more lower prices offered. Go shop with greener way.

10/10/10 Fears ??? True or False ?

Tomorrow is October 10, 2010 (10/10/10). I read online today about the virus attack this date. But it has no basis it is just a rumors like the 03/03/03 before it says that on that date computer will stop working. LOL! So this time I think it is just nothing. But we all know that virus in computer is always present so we must just be careful in opening page and links that we don't know. So will see but hope nothing will goes wrong. The date has nothing to do with computer hackers and spammers.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Opportunity For All

Are you looking for a job? Tired of submitting your resume to different companies but did not get any positive reply from them? Then, try to find others that you can trust and rely your application. If you are currently looking for administration job then hit your browser now and get ready to post your resume online and get immediate alerts for jobs that are appropriate to your field. Do not stop trying your luck and you will soon find the real job that you're dreaming of. Just have long patience and take every opportunity that knocks on your door. Happy searching!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Know More About Online Advertising

A friend of mine introduce online advertising and indeed a great help for me. I started now to discover more and learn more techniques.

A Bit Busy Day

Hallo everyone! How's life outhere and everywhere? I am a bit busy from personal matters. LOL! Well, it's a one week vacation from school now and need to relax at home. It is also raining a lot so it is good to just sit back and relax. Infact, I need to get back to the world of blogging because I still did not update some of my pages. LOL!

Anyway, have a nice day everyone!!!