Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Ipad For My Sissy?

How's your weekend everyone? Mine was good and blessed! Looking forward for a good weekdays as always. Anyway, just chatted with my sister back home and she told me that she is planning to buy a new ipad for her upcoming birthday this September.

I am happy that finally she got a regular office work at the bank. Now, she can buy for what she want. She deserves to buy things from her own savings. So then ipad is her choice. Looking forward for her new ipad unit.

I just reminded her to make sure to buy ipad in safe and reliable store with complete ipad warranty and guarantee. It is most important! I want her investment for buying new gadget will be worth and lasting!


  1. wow bait sa ate, palitan mn sissy ug ipad.

  2. di ko ganahan ipad! gamay ra di masulod akong tag as nga nails lol