Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Dream Sony Digicam

Part of my wishlist this year is to have my own digital camera. It is been years that I really wanted to have one, and in fact I am saving each day to buy my dream camera. Maybe weird in some ways because most individual has personal cameras or camcorders. But I do not have yet , I am just using my phone for picture taking or borrow from my hubby's camera.

So, part of my daily surfing is to find digital camera reviews for my future buying. But one thing in my mind is to have Sony brand. As you can see picture here, that is really what I wanted.

The features are spectacular with 14.1MP , 2.7" LCD screen , 8x digital zoom and 4x optical zoom , Image stabilization, face detection, smile shutter, red-eye reduction, panorama sweep, motion detection, intelligent scene recognition, and anti blink function High sensitivity, twilight, twilight portrait, soft snap landscape, beach, pet, underwater, snow, gourmet, and movie scene modes
Hope really to have this before the year ends.


  1. Got one for my birthday years ago but DD broke it. Was so sad. Then, DH bought me a new Sony DSC-H10 and love it more than ever :) Good brand bitaw ang Sony ug Nikon :)

  2. Iapil ko sa imung wish list tsang ingna imu hubby paliti ko kanang buy one take one and palita aron ako ang take heheheh

  3. I know you can have it before the year ends. Me, I am also wishing to have DSLR. but it is quite expensive. But I have to save for it. Perhaps next year na.

  4. dream ko palit eroplano... kinsay gusto mo donate?

  5. mkiapil kog dream ani sis....nice kau pajud hehe