Tuesday, July 13, 2010

High School Life.... Is The Best!

I thought I have have to sleep now. But then my bestfren buzz me in YM. She is in Philippines and we were talking about our high school life. We had a group called ' bajjemians' we want to have reunion one day. But one of our member is missing. We dont know where she is right now.

Another thing we were talking about high school crushes and lovers. lol! We both are married now and she is really my bestfriend. Since before, she is in Cebu and I am in Manila if we go to Bohol for vacation we must have time to meet and visit each other no matter what will happen.

Now that she is staying in Cebu for good, we just communicate through YM and today a good topic and some 'kilig' moments from the past. The highlight is the song 'high school life' by Sharon Cuneta. We really have good times with this song before...

Maybe some of you can relate those filipina. Hmmm... high school life is the best !!!!


  1. Aguy favorite ko ni tsang. Im a gabby sahron fan jd as in,.

  2. naku naman... eh sharon ba kamo??? hahaha!!! eh fan na fan ako nyan!!!

  3. so lovely! I remember this song around 1981, one of our favorites at our dorm when we bid goodbye to our seniors. and the kilig factor is there because of Gabby and Sharon. Tops!