Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Glimpse Of My Teacher...

Taken last day of my class before summer. She was discussing and teaching us about clock, remember the reading of clock here is different from English. So, she told everyone to memorize and she gives example and even bring that plastic clock for illustration. That was so cool while me try to sneak a picture from her.

Well, good enough that I took this pic because this coming August she will not be my teacher anymore. I have two new professor so this is my remembrance from Mari.

Anyway here are some samples for time reading here:
English (1:30pm) - in Norsk ( Halv to) Imagine that
English (7:20pm) - in Norsk (ti halv pa atte).
English (9:45am) - in Norsj (Kvart pa ti).
Until now, I am yet perfect in reading in

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