Friday, July 16, 2010

Doctor - Doctor - I am sick ! Help Me Very Quick!

Hey friends, hows your day today! Hope all went fine.... me just finally had my skin allergy check up. Hoping for a better and comfortable night and day one day! Anyway, the only thing up for today is to get an appointment with my doctor and buy med.

Still , I did not manage to buy the baby shampoo and soap for my skin as recommended! I just bought the major cream, antibiotic and anti itchy churva! I cannot find those mild shampoos at the 'Apotek' or drug store.

It is hard to get allergy ever! Anyway, just a quick update for today before sleeping late again... Just took my second dose! Goodnight peepz!


  1. Hope it helps na sis.. yong capsule at cream. take care:)

  2. Tc always there la.. my virtual care and thoughts are with you.. muahhh!