Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alternative Work For Pinay Abroad

Have you asked your self what might be the alternative work if you are abroad? Most specially those who cannot find immediate work. The answer is BLOGGING! I urge you to make a blog and start to have your own income.

At first hard but then after you can make one blog , beleive me another one will come out! Then more and more, specially if you will start earning. For those who are not yet into blogging go now and start. Just go to and make your own account follow instruction.

Here are the easy four steps for you to follow.
Step 1: Choose a free blogging software. ( like , blogspot)
Step 2: Register for an account and create your blog.
Step 3: Select Your Domain, Theme and Other Options.
Step 4: Start blogging.

Make sure to update your blog that is one key to success. Goodluck!

1 comment:

  1. This is nice tip to all Filipino out there.

    btw sis, I'm planning to host a contest also by September and runs it for 1 month. I am hoping to gather at least 10 sponsors or more. May I count on you?