Monday, July 26, 2010

1st Summer Pinky Roses

Last week I took this pink roses on our garden. Lovely as can be... Good enough that I took picture before they are gone. A remembrance for my 1st summer here in Norway.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Almost An Accident!

This afternoon a glimpse from my right leg hahaha...We were on walking along the Oslo fjord, then we decided to go down to feel the cool breeze from the sea. A good sunny day that brings my right foot almost into accident. I stamped on that rock because I wanted to touch the clean sea water. But then I did not notice that I was at the edge and about to slide, I dont know what will happen to me.

Thanks GOD I was able to balance and get out from there. That could be something serious!

A Glimpse Of My Teacher...

Taken last day of my class before summer. She was discussing and teaching us about clock, remember the reading of clock here is different from English. So, she told everyone to memorize and she gives example and even bring that plastic clock for illustration. That was so cool while me try to sneak a picture from her.

Well, good enough that I took this pic because this coming August she will not be my teacher anymore. I have two new professor so this is my remembrance from Mari.

Anyway here are some samples for time reading here:
English (1:30pm) - in Norsk ( Halv to) Imagine that
English (7:20pm) - in Norsk (ti halv pa atte).
English (9:45am) - in Norsj (Kvart pa ti).
Until now, I am yet perfect in reading in

Drop A Card!

Last month, was my first time to drop a letter on the postbox. I am a bit hesitant at first. Hubby just told me that if I can see the red box outside the store then that is the postbox. I cannot much understand the language so I just try the luck , lol! But then I took a picture of this box to make sure and let my huband check if I did right...

It is a yes! lol... I am right! This is really the postbox here in Norway... Just drop there and no need to go in Post office not like in Philippines you need to go in Post office just to drop letter.

The next day I received message from the one I sent the card... so positive hehe!

Laila (28) to be thrown out - gets massive support

As a filipina living here in Norway, I felt pitty with this co-pinay having problem with her passport status. For me this is really in human, knowing that she is married to a norwegian and she is accused as criminal for not following some rules here in Norway when it comes to working.

Laila's passport stamped with the words that she had a work permit, as well as a numeric code behind. But that code is so complicated and found out that Laila's permit applied only as an au-pair-work and thus had the job in the cafeteria is illegal.

Laila and her family gets a massive support from other support group here in Norway and even in Facebook. As the update for now, she will be thrown out to Philippines and need to wait for two years before she can come back here.

Laila is married to Ole Kristian Navrud and have a son together , a six months cute baby boy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alternative Work For Pinay Abroad

Have you asked your self what might be the alternative work if you are abroad? Most specially those who cannot find immediate work. The answer is BLOGGING! I urge you to make a blog and start to have your own income.

At first hard but then after you can make one blog , beleive me another one will come out! Then more and more, specially if you will start earning. For those who are not yet into blogging go now and start. Just go to and make your own account follow instruction.

Here are the easy four steps for you to follow.
Step 1: Choose a free blogging software. ( like , blogspot)
Step 2: Register for an account and create your blog.
Step 3: Select Your Domain, Theme and Other Options.
Step 4: Start blogging.

Make sure to update your blog that is one key to success. Goodluck!

As It Goes...

Me and my cousin were chatting today and her eldest son has math assignment and a crazy mother she gave this wall notes to her 12 years old son. Lol!

She asked me about formulas and I said... Hey ...yoh! I dont know.... ask yourself or search online!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Doctor - Doctor - I am sick ! Help Me Very Quick!

Hey friends, hows your day today! Hope all went fine.... me just finally had my skin allergy check up. Hoping for a better and comfortable night and day one day! Anyway, the only thing up for today is to get an appointment with my doctor and buy med.

Still , I did not manage to buy the baby shampoo and soap for my skin as recommended! I just bought the major cream, antibiotic and anti itchy churva! I cannot find those mild shampoos at the 'Apotek' or drug store.

It is hard to get allergy ever! Anyway, just a quick update for today before sleeping late again... Just took my second dose! Goodnight peepz!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

High School Life.... Is The Best!

I thought I have have to sleep now. But then my bestfren buzz me in YM. She is in Philippines and we were talking about our high school life. We had a group called ' bajjemians' we want to have reunion one day. But one of our member is missing. We dont know where she is right now.

Another thing we were talking about high school crushes and lovers. lol! We both are married now and she is really my bestfriend. Since before, she is in Cebu and I am in Manila if we go to Bohol for vacation we must have time to meet and visit each other no matter what will happen.

Now that she is staying in Cebu for good, we just communicate through YM and today a good topic and some 'kilig' moments from the past. The highlight is the song 'high school life' by Sharon Cuneta. We really have good times with this song before...

Maybe some of you can relate those filipina. Hmmm... high school life is the best !!!!

Sleeping Long Today !

Thanks GOD, I finally had a long sleep today! I woke up at 12.30 noon then eat then back to bed again until 6.30 in the evening. I feel like recharge all the way but then I am hungry from time to time.

I am realy hoping to gain some more weight! I am so thin..thin..thin... Just a short update for today folks... see you tomorrow for another marathon day!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup Champion ! Spain ....

As I cannot post to my WP blog, it changes to a new server now. I will post a follow-up results here for the FIFA finals. Yes! Paul the Octopus is right, that animal predicted straight correctly. Spain won against Netherland and now Spain celebrates.
That was very crucial game. I watched over it till finished. So now. the FIFA season 2010 ended with Spain the ultimate champion. I bet for Netherlands but then they did not win.

This is what I got for today!

This is what I got while surfing today. Funny , yes funny! I watched this video many times. The little boy speaks super serious and groogy from dentist. You must watch this folks, pretty sure get a life and a free laugh.

Imagine that cute little boy. A real life for him... lol:-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Outdoor Gardening Today

It is weekend and I feel like I need to move my body, I am so stiff everyday just because I only focus on blogging most of the time. Hubby bought flowers and he told me if I could plant them. Well, of course I can. Then today is the perfect day to do it. Me and him help each other. And, a short ball kicking (volleyball) to totally move my stiff body.

How's your Staurday guys? Any interesting event?

EC Droppers for June 2010

Posting here my fellow bloggers that gives time to take a glimpse of my world. Thanks a lot guys , expect my visit from time to time. Please free to visit and check your links here.

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Germany vs. Uruguay | FIFA Finals

Today is the battle between Uruguay and Germany for the FIFA third and fourth placer. And as many expected that Germany will beat Uruguay and yes it is confirmed now. The game finished with Germany took the 3rd place against Uruguay.

Anyway, you can see the score here. A very crucial game! Tomorrow I will be in the hot seat for Spain vs. Netherland for championship. Who will be the 2010 FIFA Champion?!! Will see...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Get Soft Hands

I must have to admit that I have a rough! Yes, I noticed this roughness since I started working in office. Well, maybe I dont have time to have proper care and I need to rush all the time. So, this time I want to have soft hands by the help of some method that I want to apply.

For now I am not working so I have time to make some difference. Here we go. Glad I found this today I will try this later on. It says we can make this through households products.

1.)Wash your hands with warm water and moisturizing soap. After rinsing, fill a small bowl with warm water. Soak your hands in the warm water for about 5 minutes. Add a few drops olive oil into the water for added moisturization.

2.)Put about 2 tablespoons of sugar and a few drops of warm water on your hands. For seriously dry hands, replace the water with olive oil.

3.) Rub hands together, as you would when applying lotion. Do this for a few minutes.

4.)Take a small soft washcloth and put some moisturizing soap on it. Rub each hand all over, starting with small circles on the front and back. Rinse well in the warm water.

5.)Pat hands with a clean, dry towel. Leave hands a little damp.

6.)Apply lotion to hands and then wrap a hot, damp washcloth around your creamed hands so that all the lotion can soak in. Look for brands with shea butter in them. This butter is readily absorbed by skin, and doesn't leave a greasy feel.

7.)Take some rosewater (available in specialty body and bath stores) and massage this quickly into your hands. This softens and smooths skin tone, and gives your hands a beautiful scent.

Things That We Need:
  • Moisturizing soap
  • Warm water
  • Sugar
  • Soft washcloth
  • Towels
  • Lotion
  • Rosewater(optional)
  • Hot, damp washcloth
  • Olive oil

Tips: *
-Rub hard when applying sugar so it will be more effective, but not so hard that it will hurt and sting.
-Don't just do this once and expect the results to stay forever, do it weekly.

Before, I tried that sugar and it is really good but I tried it in my whole body. I will try it again exclussively for my hands.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monitoring The Weather Forecast...? Boring Or Not?

Since , I came here in Norway my husband always teach me how to monitor the weather forecast. He always told me that womens dont like monitoring forecast. Indeed he is Boring to monitor every now and then.

But I feel like I need to know how to monitor it. People here used to relay on TV forecast or online. So, today he again told me to check and finally I made it.... after thousands of request. Lol! Then now I can tell him exactly what is happening outdoor.

Well, just a short update for tonight. Will now sleep the forecast says it is raining... good for me! I love to sleep while it rains...

Have a nice folkers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A simple SMS that 'Made Me Cry'

Last night before I slept , I SMS my mama in Philippines... And today morning I got her first ever SMS since I came here in Norway ahhaha... my mom dont use to SMS. We use to call her/them. So, I felt so lonely, missing her and my family. I cannot help but to cry...whoa.... I am so over!

Her SMS is so simple yet I cannot help but cry... missin my mother... huh! Her replied made me so empty and cry ... cry... cry! The message from mom...

''Ding musta naka diha, salamat nga okey ka. Kami dire ok lang, ingat ka diha regards sa tanan. I L U mama... ''

Ding (she called me that way not my name)....

*It really shows how I missed them* A lot of things that need to adjust and adopt*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why Knock On Wood?

People knock on wood in one of two contexts. In the first, someone makes a statement about something which they hope does not come true, and they knock on wood to avoid that event. In the other instance, someone makes a statement about a desired outcome, and they knock on wood either to pay homage to lucky spirits or to ward off bad ones, depending on personal belief. While knocking on wood is unlikely to have a scientific basis, it seems to be a relatively harmless superstition, and some people believe that it is better to be safe, rather than sorry, when it comes to luck.

Well, I leave it up to you folks if you do the same. I do not do any knock on!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Got an SMS invitation from a pinay friend yesterday to go swimming this weekend in drøbak badeparken but then I say no. I am not feeling well and I still did not know them personally only the one who invited me to join. Maybe next time I can try to make some more friends with others. Anyway a view here from drøbak. I've been there with my husband month ago. We just go walking not swimming.