Saturday, June 12, 2010

Missing Those Days

I am talking to one of my old mate before and used to be my buddy too at work. We were talking about this picture. This was taken at my belated birthday party and my last birthday celebration in Pinas. I had 4 parties i guess. They know that pretty soon I will be far away from them all. Give the blast!!!

Obvious I hate karaoke or videoke... lol! We just remiscing the past hahaha... Missing you gals. These is just one of those crazy pictures taken!!!

Me in green and oily!


  1. old is always wonderful to reminisce.. Hope you'll see again kung magbakasyon ka hehehhe..

  2. Awww im sure they miss your company tsang. sus gimingaw ug uhaw na hinuon ko sa tagay da.

  3. oizzt la, dli diay ka ganahan og videoke? hehehe.. mora jud ka og akong first cousin la.. I mean may-ong ayo mo..