Friday, June 25, 2010

Immigrant Routine Check

Anyone who came here in Norway needs immigrant routine. I just done with my TBC vaccine the other day. Then I have papers for blood test and xray. That is the normal routine for all foreigners who came here for the first time.

Hard to be abroad you need to comply all the requirements. Anyway, how are today folks? Asking me, all good and still did not find time to read my Norsk book. Hope I can enjoy the rest of the summer here.


  1. hi Anygen thanks for dropping by, hope you're enjoying your stay there, take care, visit me often,LOL....

  2. Mao nani, enter mna gud ta tsang mau hala magdusa ta hehehe. giuna mn ang blog sa pinaypay.

  3. kuyawa gud oi, hahaha!! ana jud noh? basin mahawaan sila.. tamad ko online kay lagot ko sa akong YM kung naa mag online kay mag hang dayon siya.. ang akong pc alisdanan hahahah!!!