Saturday, May 15, 2010

School Started | Norwegian Schooling

Folks, as you all know I am now started my class in Norwegian language and culture and it is been good so far. If you are new here in Norway, it is important that you will go in school. It is free for those who has ¨family reunification visa¨ meaning if you are married to a norwegian citizen.

Some of my mates paid the entire course. I am so glad that it is free for me. I cannot imagine myself that now I have much more friends from different countries. It is really good to mingle and make friends with them.

I have now friends from Thailand, Eritrea, Bolivia, Russia, China, India, Montenegro, Ungran, Palstine, Somalia and many more.

This week we have a long vacation from school. But I still need to study more for my own sake. Lol! s

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