Monday, May 31, 2010

First Bus Experienced Here in Norway

Folks, today is my 1st ever try to ride in a bus here in Norway. After class I SMS my husband not to fetched me. I am kinda need to be independent in some ways! I am afraid, nervous and anxious! One thing , I dont know yet to communicate much using Norsk language. But, I need to be brave and challenge myself.

So, thankful with one of my pinay friend she also guide me but she forgot to instruct me that the bus driver will gonna give me a ticket. So here what had happened: I go inside the bus pay 30kr. and find my place to seat. Then I heard somebody yelling at my back, but I still did not mind it so finally I found a seat for me and the driver keep yelling and I noticed that he is looking at me...Lol!

So, I feel I did something wrong but I already pay the fair amount! But he kept on talking till I go with him and ask what's wrong hahaha... He said you forgot your ticket! Oh boy! I said sorry or 'unnskyld' in Norsk.

What a day! But thanks I am home safe and nervous! I want to cry, I feel so pity with myself.


  1. kawawa ka naman..pareho diay pud ka naku..pero nagpatudlo paku ug nagpauban paku sa bus unsaun,asa munaug..hehehe..dili kaw lang duha ta hehe

  2. day salamat sa pag agi. Lagi oi kahilakon jud ko taman.. saon taman we need to be independent in many ways.

  3. Nyahaha.. ing-ana pod ko dre la, pilmiro.. joker kaayo maskin kasabot ko sa language but ang mga paagi mn krn.. og sobra ka-excited lang sguro to akoa.. lol.. alang ky nagpa-oban pa jud ko ako bana pilmiro nko sakay bus, as in back & forth going to school and back.. weee.. suko2x pa jud ako bana ky wla mn xa naanad sakay og bus.. nahulog nga pareho mi ignoy.. lol.. the only thing, she knows to maneuver stuffs like this and that.. krn abtik na kaau ko.. hehehe.. thanks for sharing la.. muahhh!