Monday, May 3, 2010

Are You A Proud Pinay?

Folks, sometimes it feels hard to be a pinay. Lol! There are lots of descrimation wherever you go. Meaning you are just very lucky if you are welcome with all people surrounds you. Many pinay are in foreign country, more are OFW and wives of a foreigner.

We have all different fate in life. Before I travelled here in Norway, I was in a counseling and that is required before you migrate to other country. I remember my counsilor told me that beware of descrimination. Pinay, pinoys are known as poor people. We must accept the fact that our country is full of corruptions and many people needs support. So, it brings up to other foreign people. They think of general. But of course not all people living in Philippines are poor. You know filipino are workers, smart and wise.

It is just really sad if you can hear pinay or pinoys who sufferred difficulties during their stay in other country. To those who has been abroad, they know how hard to ajust, adopt and think that you are far from the country where you live half of your life. You are far away from your family and friends.

Everything will be new to you. The people, sytle, culture, food, clothing and many more. Everything indeed!

So if anyone of you has a family abroad, keep them in prayers. It is not easy as 1,2,3. Some families in Philippines think that their loved ones are rich once they live abroad.

Well, time to park here now... hahaha! Need more updates later.

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